Raven minions do not increase attack

I’m using Freya with Seshat, QoH and Telluria, and none of their minions gets an increased attach when a raven minion is added, see screenshots.

I understand that for instance Seshat minion should have an increased attack after a raven minion is added,. Is this a bug or I did not understand how a Raven minion works?

It’s a silent bonus.

You’ll see that if you compare the DAMAGE done by the minions before & after that the bonus is applied

There just isn’t anywhere it’s shown on the cards.


The 248 on seshats minions are their lifepoints.

The attacl value of minions is not shown in the infobox.

You should have a look on the damage that hits the targets. And make sure you have the same Target and therefore the same defense value on target. Minion damage is quite low, even with freya :wink:

Edit: woah, I typed like a crazy devil from hell, and guvnor still got me :sweat_smile:


Is it really too much to ask that we have transparent stats for crap…

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