Ratio of 3:4:5 heroes per season and loss of the 4* backbone heroes



Because SGG is cruel

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SGG occasionally tests abilities with 4* heroes before giving them to 5* heroes

Especially with Challenge event 4* heroes ( see notes ) like Falcon, Cheshire Cat, etc.

Pseudo 5* heroes

Boldtusk, Wu Kong, Rigard, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur were pseudo 5* heroes ( see notes )

I do not have costume for Gormek, but potentially a Pseudo 5* hero until SGG added Fiend Meta ( Really. costume Gormek cannot remove Fiends. You are the worst SGG spend depth analysis team )

Regardless of how useful his special skill, Melendor was always too much of a glass cannon ( still awesome for Wu Kong Cascade Squad, Grinder Gang, Duo Debuff, etc. )

Grimm, Scarlett, and Guardian Jackal had insane attack stats for 4* heroes but tended to die before using their special skill ( see notes )

Proteus was a watered down Hel ( first 5* HotM and start of HotM Pay 2 Play business model )


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Challenge event 4* heroes

Pseudo 5* heroes


With Emblems, Boldtusk

Pre nerf, Boldtusk

Wu Kong After Tarlak / Miki

Base Rigard

When I was still active ( beginning of Map Season 3 ), Rigard 4*+18 was still a Pseudo 5* hero

Costume Rigard

A quick search seems to show costume Rigard ( emblems, aethers, 4* crit troops, etc. ) is still considered a Pseudo 5* hero

(Search results for 'c.Rigard purple heal' - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum)

Falcon before Costume Marjana

Jackal before costume Leonidas


Wilbur pre Aegir

Before Aegir, many players used Wilbur as a Pseudo 5* , especially against titans