Rathword bug

Not one yellow dog thang I actually run this twice as wernt sure. (hence photos)
Or is a cass of suggestion of people you come across
As trying to fill a holy chest and for a new player that is miss leading

Not a bug but bad luck if after yellow mobs. Not sure on the percentage and if it differs on every stage but many are 50-50 between the enemies. So if after red mobs and do 4-6 you can get 2 kills one time and 9 the next.

Try running it a few more times and see what you find. 12.9 is best for yellow but guessing you can’t reach that far yet?

Edit: First run. 3 mobs in first wave, 1 dog. And this in the second wave:

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But it says clear as day says the yellow dogs will be there, but they wasn’t bad luck yes
Wasted 6 flags on that, for a new player it’s miss leading

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