Rate my team and give advice

Caedmon - Gormek - Li Xiu - Boril - Gandalf/Scarlet

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I prefer a full-rainbow defense team, to deter people from color-stacking against you. Since you don’t have a 4* purple, using the current heroes you have leveled, I would make your defense team:


Never run whatever color your tank is again in your lineup anywhere.

Finish off the heroes your currently working on, then also level up Scarlett, Little John and Li Xiu. Gobbler I spose for the upcoming seasonal event. Work on dupes or 3* if you don’t get any new heroes.

If you do pulls, make sure to do your next in the dark elemental summons, since you desperately need a purple hero. All other summons I would only do during events, Atlantis and seasonal events. Never do epic, better odds in elemental and you can focus on the color you’re lacking or weak in.

Work on 4* first, since they’re stronger than 5* at the mat wall (3/60 vs 2/60). Don’t start on 5* until you have a few rainbow teams of 4* built, and you’re close to having all of the necessary mats to ascend them. 4* are also cheaper and quicker to level than 5*. Start a few teams of 3* after you’ve finished with your 4* and waiting on mats for 5*. They’re super fast and cheap, can be used in the beginner tier of the event, and will help round out your roster for war, variety and color-stacking. Keep your last copy of all 4* and 5* (and good 3*) and keep dupes of the good ones. Level those up after you already have a few different choices first. Healers are the most important dupes to have, need at least six for war, but twelve is preferred.

Have any questions, please feel free to ask :blush:

People color stack anyways even if your team is rainbow. That’s why a lot of top teams use a yellow tank but double on purple, so that purple stacks against the tank are a little more awkward. Works on lower tier teams as well. Let’s say your tank is Kiril, people will stack green when they attack you. So you could use double red on defense to make that a bit more awkward.

Purple and yellow, yes. It works well because they’re both strong vs the other. That’s why you’ll see two purples when there’s a Guin tank, since they’re usually stacking purples for her, and so that’ll be weak once they get to the wings (or flanks, but usually wing). Plus, Panther is typically one of them, and she works better with another purple [on defense]. Still, wouldn’t recommend doubling either color in plat or lower.

For reds, blues and greens, it’s typically better to go full rainbow.

Not everyone stacks, but seeing a defense with more than one color is usually a fairly easy win if you do stack (at least, in my experience). Especially in silver-low plat. High plat+ then that might be a good method, idk because I don’t raid there, but before that- it just makes the win too easy. That’s why rainbow is my preferred setup.

Everyone is free to do as they please. Just sharing my experience with it, and to me, rainbow works well more often than doubling a color on defense.

In alliance wars, good alliance co ordinate tank colors. So every tank is red or whatever. To take it a step further, and co ordinate flank doubles; you can exhaust your opponents ability to stack effectively very quickly. Picture yourself during war staring down the enemy side of the field and every team has a red tank and double green flanks. Does sound fun does it lol

Yes, in war I find that’s actually a decent strategy, especially when everyone uses the same color tank and flanks. Though, that’s because everyone can only use their heroes once; therefore, they run out of the color needed a lot quicker (unless they’re prepared).

In regular defense, I’m still sticking to no because you can throw everything you’ve got at it. If they run a double color that’s strong against whatever I’m stacking vs the tank, like blue tank and red flanks, I’d stack two green and two blues. Or, you could just stack three blues and leave out the weak color altogether. Then it’s usually fairly easy from there.

Obviously you’re always at the mercy of the board, but I’ve found those fights to be a lot easier than the usual rainbow team. Could just be my experience though, maybe not how it is for everyone.

I definitely see the value in it for war, just not as much in defense. But like I said, it could just be my personal experience with it. Maybe it has legs to stand on. I personally am not a fan of it (except for war), but I’m sure it might work for some.

Blue tanks flanked by double red with a gravemaker is a great defense. Stack greens against the tank and the greens don’t do much damage to the flanks and you don’t really want to stack blue against a blue tank… additionally gravemaker or Natalya is ouch to your green attackers.

This person won’t be facing any maxed GM anytime soon, but we’re way off topic- so we’ll just have to agree to disagree. :blush:

Both of our experiences differ, and our advice is purely subjective, so it could be debated forever. I like rainbow and think it’s more effective for defense; you like doubling colors to counter the color stacked vs tank and think it’s more effective for defense.

Awesome, we’ve given differing opinions, and some advice for the OP to consider. Now, they can test out which method works best for them and make the decision for themself. At least, once they get a leveled purple 4* that is, because Balthazar just won’t cut it :grin:

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Thank you all! Keep advice coming in. I am trying hard to pull a 4* purple… rainbow :rainbow:

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