Rate my choices for the events (Grimforest, Pirates, Wonderland, Avalon, and Teltoc)

I am only gonna post epic and rare difficulty because of my lack of five star heroes. Any tips or other suggestions in said rarity would be greatly appreciated.

A few notes before going forward:
*I have absolutely no five star characters available.
*The only Atlantis 3 stars I have are Namahage and Gill-Ra.
*Most of the 3 stars I mention have some amount of emblems on them.
*I will be grouping the stages based on the elements the monsters are. Boss colors aren’t considered only because I tend to nuke the bosses with specials.

Fables of Grimforest:

Stages 1, 4, 7, 10:
Rare: Brienne, Ulmer, Valern, Berden, Belith
Epic: Grimm, Ulmer, Brienne, Belith

Stages 2 and 6:
Rare: Ulmer, Valern, Brienne, Gan Ju, Bane
Epic: Grimm, Ulmer, Chao, Li Xiu, Brienne

Stages 3, 5, 8:
Rare: Ulmer, Valern, Brienne, Gill-Ra, Tyrum
Epic: Grimm, Ulmer, Chao, Proteus, Brienne

Stage 9:
Rare: Ulmer, Valern, Bane, Brienne, Gill-Ra
Epic: Chao, Hu Tao, Grimm, Ulmer, Brienne

Pirates of Corellia

Stages 1, 3-5, 7:
Rare: Valern, Ulmer, Bane, Gan Ju, Brienne
Epic: Chao, Grimm, Ulmer, Li Xiu, Brienne

Stages 2 and 6:
Rare: Namahage, Nashgar, Brienne, Bane, Gan Ju
Epic: Sumitomo, Namahage, Azar, Chao, Grimm

Stage 8:
Rare: Ulmer, Valern, Brienne, Namahage, Azar
Epic: Grimm, Ulmer, Sumitomo, Brienne, Namahage

Stage 10:
Rare: Bane, Gan Ju, Brienne, Ulmer, Namahage
Epic: Chao, Li Xiu, Brienne, Grimm, Sumitomo

Riddles of Wonderland

Stages 1, 3-5, 7, 8, 10:
Rare: Namahage, Azar, Ulmer, Valern, Bane
Epic: Grimm, Ulmer, Sumitomo, Namahage, Chao

Stages 2 and 6:
Rare: Bane, Gan Ju, Namahage, Azar, Valern
Epic: Chao, Li Xiu, Sumitomo, Namahage, Grimm

Stage 9:
Rare: Namahage, Nashgar, Azar, Ulmer, Gill-Ra
Epic: Grimm, Namahage, Proteus, Sumitomo, Chao

Knights of Avalon

Stages 1, 3, 4, 8, and 10:
Rare: Brienne, Berden, Azar, Namahage, Belith
Epic: Sumitomo, Namahage, Brienne, Berden, Chao

Stages, 2, 6, and 7:
Rare: Bane, Gan Ju, Brienne, Berden, Gill-Ra
Epic: Brienne, Berden, Chao, Li Xiu, Sumitomo

Stage 5:
Rare: Bane, Gan Ju, Namahage, Azar, Brienne
Epic: Chao, Li Xiu, Namahage, Sumitomo, Brienne

Guardians of Teltoc

Stages 1-10:
Rare: Gill-Ra, Tyrum, Namahage, Azar, Brienne
Epic: Proteus, Tyrum, Sumitomo, Grimm, Namahage

Here is my roster of heroes that I have

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