Rate my 4* AM luck

Admittedly, I have purchased deals. Not every single one but certainly when there is a tome with in it. (Because yeah, Tomes are my bane as I’ve purchased more tomes than I have had drops…excluding quests). Atlantis bonus chests contributed as well.

However, 2 months in I was pulled up to fighting 10* (leader saw that I was really eager and motivated to progress) and have been fighting 12* for the last 5 months. Drops were generous at lower player level than they have been after level 30 (confirmation bias…perhaps).

Finally, I open at least 5-7 chests daily, constantly skipping that cooling period and forcing an elemental to appear on a weekly basis (though, elemental chests have been quite horrid for the last 5 or so).

Hmm yeah I havent purchased many AM deals. Only ones I can remember are some of the $10 deals during spring and sand. I have done most of my pulls in Atlantis but have only scored 1 scope from the Atlantis chest so far.

I’ve spent most of my time on 10* as well. Ive only been facing 12* for about 1.5 months now I think. I have always scored well on titans but the loot has been meh. I might be biased too but I also feel like the drop rates were far better for me the first 3 months I was playing.

I also speed up the cooldown process everyday but only once it’s already down to less than 3 or 2 hours. So I try to do 2 monster and 2 raid a day. Elementals have not been kind to me tho. Only 2 4* AM from them so far and they were both early on.

That’s a crazy number of Mats Ded_man!

I’ve been playing for over a month longer and am not really close to your counts:

Tabards, Capes, and Tomes are the less common items for me.


I guess this thread kind of puts it in perspective for me, cause I can tell you I’ve grown quite bitter these last few weeks with every titan kill and chest opening. Perhaps, the glass is half full after all.

You guys have pretty similar numbers. You’ve still got me beat by a mile and I started in October as well

Maybe you’ve spent more money than me, you’re most likely fighting higher level titans than I am, probably completing more chests, but I’ve been playing at least a month longer than you and haven’t gotten half the AMs you’ve gotten. So you’re doing just fine IMO.

It seems like you might have lower activity levels tho. I started in October and I’m level 47. You cant really buy levels unless you constantly buy refills I guess, which I have not. You just have to grind and use up most of the flags you get.

The reason I’m only level 35 is because I constantly farm season 1 provinces 5 and 8. Never even finished season 1. :laughing:

And yeah, I don’t do raids anymore, so that cuts down on my loot. I always hit titans though, always do at least 1 monster chest a day and use 6 flags in every war. I’d say I’m moderately active (not as active as some on here, and no I don’t buy refills).

I’ve farmed Sesson 1 province 5 exclusively the whole time I’ve played with the exception of Atlantis rises. Backpacks are my favorite.

Player level isn’t as important as playing time, as long as a less serious player doesn’t miss out on chests and rare quests.

Level 48 (just over 10 months)
Rings: 15
Tonics: 15
Tabards: 11
Scopes: 14
Darts: 12
Total: 68

Level 47 (just over 9 months)
Rings: 11
Tonics: 8
Tabards: 13
Scopes: 12
Darts: 13
Total: 57
Edit: This player hasn’t completed S2 HM, so that would be 4 or 5 more? I forget which of the 3/4* are in the regular and hard mode reward.

Still have 7 blades & 5 tomes on each.

I have bought a couple Army Packs that included one each time. Speaking of which…have not seen one offered in quite some time!

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Yeah I do like Atlantis when it only costs me 3 flags… definitely a backpack hound myself. I guess I’m probably not as active as many on here, I mostly autofarm when I’m online. Been able to build up a decent bench of 4* heroes in the process, just had terrible luck when it comes to pulling 5* heroes and 4* AMs.

My first 6 months of playing, I didn’t have a team that was able to complete most of the rare quests, so I missed out on a lot of chances for extra loot. I make sure to take advantage of them every time I see them now, though.

Compared to my lvl 50 you’re doing quite well, but I didnt join an alliance for the first year, so I missed out on many opportunities.


17 months playing (rewards and offers together):

  • Damascus - 29
  • Tome - 24
  • Telescope - 28
  • Tonics - 32
  • Rings - 42
  • Darts - 34
  • Tabards - 32

So far I gathered following in 22 months of game play:

  • Damascus Blade: 34
  • Tome of Tactics: 34
  • Poison Darts: 47
  • Mysterious Tonic: 33
  • Mystic Rings: 38
  • Farsight Telescope: 31
  • Royal Tabard: 38
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