Rate my 4* AM luck

Compared to other players I’ve talked to around my level, 48, I have less AM. I know a lot of players buy deals but I think it’s rude to ask. I use all flags, fill raid/monster chest twice a day if possible (diamond). Currently battling 12* titans with B or better grades but I did spend a while with 9/10/11. I have placed top 1 or 5% in most tournaments. I complete all rare quests. Here’s what I’ve received total

Rings: 14
Tonics: 15 ( bought 1)
Tabards: 14
Telescopes: 13
Darts: 15 ( bought 1)

This isn’t a complaint. I’m just curious since a lot of players seem to have a lot more than me and it’s not like there’s a ton of AM deals offered.

Are you including any 5 star heroes you’ve given materials to?

I have an alt at 49, he is slightly better off than that, 2 of each color ascended, except yellow has a 3rd, and either just shy of a 3rd or just 1 towards a 4th for yellow.

So at 49… high teens for each. I have bought a couple, maybe just a couple more than you have.

Playing for 20 months now.
Last 10 months fighting 12* titans.
Including already ascended 4 and 5* heroes the game gave me this …
Dblades - 36 … Compasses 78
Tomes - 30 … Gloves - 76
Scopes - 33 … Capes - 104
Tonics - 35 … shields - 116
Rings - 36 … HBlades - 113
Darts - 43 … Orbs - 143
Tabard - 42 … Traptool - 96

I bought early 1 tabard and 1 trap tools and 1 darts and 1 orb promotion…
The last 3 months i’m f2p not even vip pass.
I’ve spent 679€ total before.
I cant complain about rng being generous with me… but 12* (B or higher rank) titans and wanted chests + rare quests i think any players doing this wont be very away from this results at least from what i see in my alliance… ofc players that are always C on titans have significant lower loot…

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Playing for 10 months now and currently on (almost) level 45.
2 weeks fighting 9* with A/A+, the rest fighting 4*, 5* and rarely 6*, always A+. Never received a single EAM for rare titans

Dblades: 11
Tomes: 10
Scopes: 11
Tonics: 9
Rings: 10
Darts: 17
Tabards: 7

Compasses: 47
Gloves: 47
Capes: 40
Shields: 27
Hidden blades: 45
Orbs: 42
Trap tools: 38

Bought a bunch of ascension materials, and have spent like 400€ until now. I usually fill two times the wanted chests and I also completed all rare quest and special events.

So I would say your luck is better than mine :relieved:

Hope this helps to compare :wink:

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C2p & f2p for 10 months. Level 47 now with only 3 fully ascended 5s and 12 maxed 4s. Right now, I have:

Tomes ———5
Tabards——— 5 (desperate for another one)
Tonics————8 (No viable green 5*)
Others ———-all in low 20s

Obviously I am not one of the lucky ones, but no complaints here.

How long are you playing till now?
I play since Christmas, am level 42 now and have a similar AM result without buying any of them.
Some are playing since 1,5 - 2 years and are around level 45-50, so I would prefer to compare the period of time you are playing, specially as rare quests and events are important for 4* AMs.


Yeah im only 167 days going in so hopefully my luck gets on that level. And i have payed for stuff here and there. Ive only ascended one rainbow 5 star team i have enough to max another holy. I need 3 more scopes for another. 5 rings for a fire
5 for a dark. And 3 more tonics. So ur waaaay luckier then me but mind u my loyalty has kept me in a alliance that cant kill 8 stars yet.

P2W for about 6 months now.

I’ve received in total:

6 blades
4 scopes
8 rings
11 darts
4 tabards
10 tomes

I’ve probably bought just about every offer that included guaranteed of any of these mats. I’ve been completing all rare quests for several months now. Only beating 8* titans but get A/A+ virtually every time. I get tons of 3* mats but almost all of my 4* mats have been purchases or rare quests/events with guaranteed items. Pretty frustrating to see how far behind I am, even though I haven’t been playing all that long. Had decent luck at summons but at this rate it feels like most of my heroes are going to sit at 3/70 for years.

I’ve been playing for about 7 months. No 5* heroes yet, but getting close on what I would need to ascend a couple. This includes mats used on the eleven 4*'s I’ve ascended.

d.blade - 7 compass - 21
tome - 4 gloves - 20
scope - 4 cape - 15
tonic - 11 shield - 19
rings - 5 h.blade - 14
darts - 4 orb - 15
tabard -3 tools - 13

19 months of playing (F2P)
24 rings
19 scopes
20 tonics
15 darts
18 tabbards
16 D. Blades
17 Tomes

I just hit level 48. Started in December. Been doing tier 9-11 on titans for long time now, a couple of times 12. Fill about 4 chests per day. Received:
9 damascus
8 tome
8 rings
9 tonics
6 scopes
6 darts
9 tabards
24 of these are from rare quests, the other 31 from drops and events. Spent a little, enough for about 2 extra Atlantis chests.

I have started playing 16 months ago and I have 12 maxed 5* so my count of 4* mats is as following:

D.Blade - 17
T.Tactics - 19
Scopes - 17
M.Rings - 14
M.Potion - 18
P.Darts - 22
R.Tabards - 17

All of if it came from f2p nothing bought.

We are battling 7-8* titans in alliance so 4* are bit tight from this source but I got them from raid chests mostly, over 30% came from this source rest from war chest, tournament, rare quest and few from titan chest, mystic vision, atlantis chest and mission chest.

I am pretty sure you are on the high end of the RNG luck scale.

20 month here, too (12* Titans 11 month):
Dblades - 24
Tomes - 23
Scopes - 24
Tonics - 23
Rings - 36
Darts - 33
Tabard - 24

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15 months for me, C2P (mostly event gem deals), level 53. Mostly hitting 6-9* titans during that time.

18 rings
18 scopes
14 tonics
15 darts
18 tabards
19 D. Blades
16 Tomes

Oh boy, this is going to be embarrassing for me… but here goes…

Almost 12 months playing. C2P. Level 35. Fighting mostly 3-6* titans in that time (average 4-5*).

6 Damascus blades
3 Telescopes
4 Tonics
6 Mystic rings
3 Poison darts
4 Royal tabards
3 Tomes

Yeah… I’m… not very good. :disappointed:

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Playing since October 27, 2018

76x Hidden Blades
24x Mystic Rings

68x Warm Capes
24x Farsight Telescopes

76x Trap Tools
24x Royal Tabards

68x Orb Or Magic
24x Poison Darts

60x Sturdy Shields
24x Mysterious Tonic

20x Damascus Blades
20x Tome Of Tactics

10x Mystic Rings
5x Royal Tabards
2x Farsight Telescope
1x Mysterious Tonic
1x Poison Darts
2x Damascus Blades

22x Orb Or Magic
30x Warm Capes
26x Hidden Blades
29x Sturdy Shields
17x Trap Tools

x59 days wishing for Tome Of Tactics (Farholme will soon answer my prayers…again)

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So I play since feb 2019, so about 8 month. Level player 38. C2P.
And today is my 1st time in diamond arena congrats to me :tada: :wink:



Oh man just received 2 tomes tomes today from titan and elemental chest

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You trying to break my heart further? lul

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I started playing basically the exact same time as you did but I have nowhere near the AM you do. My numbers are actually eerily similar to the OP’s

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