Ratatoskr in Circus event

When Ratatoskr’s color is changed in the circus event to let’s just say blue for example when you use his special he still turns the tiles on the board green. I think this needs to be switched so the tiles match his current color.

It only swithes heroes color not special skill, this isn’t a bug


The Stars Fall changes only your heroes color, not their specials. I tried using Nordri and Jott and I noticed that their specials are not so useful in this event.

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Ok Thanks it just felt out of place because when I use Foggs special & his color is switched it still seems like the current color is reacting to the - defense buff.

Thanks I was wondering about Jott as well.

This also applies to Elemental DD - I’ve been using Falcon in Rare, and he puts a “vulnerable to red” debuff, even if he’s currently green or blue (so I tend to fire him while blue and shortly before starfall). I can’t imagine that Fogg would be different.

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i use glenda …when change the color and fire special skills …:frowning: no minions…

Honestly i loved this event, it forced me to think, to really think in order to have the best results. It has been really Empires&PUZZLES! :grin:


His card clearly states “all green tiles”… I for one would be gutted if they ignored the colour descriptions on the card.

I have been using Frigg charging her with blue and red to fire using the green tiles made much easier to accumulate.

Admittedly Ratatoskr only heals if you cascade when you have no green heroes but if you run a 3/2 stack his super charged green tiles still useful even if he is not green…

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