Rare Titans

Has anyone seen a rare titan yet? If so, we’re the rewards any better? Also, if all of my alliance members have not updated, are we still eligible to get one? I’ve got a few members that just refuse to pay attention.

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I think the rare titans will start appearing only after the previous game version is disabled.

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I’m interested in these rare titans as well.

Anyone able to carry over an experience from beta? Or fighting one now? Are they very much harder than their regular counterparts?

I can deal with the elemental barrier for most elements, for some better than others. My hero roster depth has improved a lot since Alliance Wars.

What strikes me as a dark horse is their reputed unique special attacks. Seems like a hero like Rigard with his cleanse might be a considerable boon against these puppies.

So which ones are the rare titans? Do we have new standard titans? Do all rare titans reflect a color?

If I read the patch notes right, they all reflect one color indeed, and they all have an extraordinary special attack as well.

I’m also beginning to suspect they are on some sort of a schedule, just as the rare quests that give unfarmable ascension items. That would definitely fit in with the tight grip the devs want to keep on unfarmable ascension mat distribution.

I have seen just one rare titan - Queen Hydra - purple, which also reflects purple. AFAIK no alliance has met a rare titan yet. There is a 5* and 6* version of it I think and a killer 14* version. You have a better chance for an ascension item like rings or tabard. But I am pretty sure that there will be more than one type of rare titan since there is more new titans than it has been in beta. I have already counted 10 new titans in these last three days.
Check out the titan roster here: Titan Rosters

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A unicorn. It had to be a f*cking unicorn.

Besides that, would be nice to know what “bonus chance” means here.

When we fought the rare titan in beta there was one big difference. It was a purple reflect and we didn’t bring purple heroes. With 14* you need to hit the weak spot or it will one shot level 80s, or almost kill them if you have items. However if you match three purple tiles they didn’t count and you got hit anyway. This is similar to the situation where you match three tiles but Wu causes you to miss. For a 5* the miss is livable but for a 14* it is brutal

Really hope it doesn’t require a long streak of victories to make them appear, otherwise 98% of alliances never see one, and make them avalaible for 5* or more is simply useless, 'cause pretty much all alliances make a titan escape sooner or later right now.

Like everytime, “more chance” of good loot seems just a joke even in this case

Just smoke in the eyes.

So I guess Rare titans give you an increased chance of getting an ascension item for the same color as the titan? How high is that chance? And for which loot tier exactly?

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Of course 98% of alliances will never see one and few than 10 will ever kill one.

But it’s fine. The loot will still be garbage.

.001% instead of .0001%


Rare titans will have 5 to 14 stars. Occasionally every alliance will fight them if it is already fighting 5 stars at least.

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That’s actually 10% more. I would go for that…

They are not rare, they are extinct! So disappointed! Our alliance is killing 8* on a daily basis and we have not seen a rare one yet. Just how rare they are? Once a year?! Please, make them appear like rare chests or quests - which i see once every ten days or so.

Because honestly for a small spender after 6-8 months the game becomes a slow boring grind with only interesting things like events occuring once a month. (And the useful things like rare quests/chests occuring once in ten days). Now i understand why most of our elders gave up around half a year of play. There is just not enough content for a middle player and the transition from all 4* team to rainbow 5* team takes too long - people get bored and quit.
And there are some nice little things around like rare titans but scarce as they are - it is just not enough.


Maybe with all the updates they moved rare titans out of the game again? It‘s the greatest dissappointmend I‘ve experienced so far in this game…

We are in the same situation. Killing 9, 10 and 11* but no rare titans so far.

The fact is, they launched them as something news and everyone get excited about that. But after a month just few players face them and what was a new stuff in not new anymore. So what is the point?

Why didn’t all the allyes have a rare titan as the next one after the update to taste the news and after that start with the randomness they love soooo much?

Rare titans are just an urban legend :wink:

I agree to everyone who is saying that rare titans should be like elemental chests. Maximum 2 weeks between rare titans could be fair. Rare titan doesn’t mean guaranteed 4* ascension material. It is still a lottery what makes it even worse right now.


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