🌟 Rare Titans, Mercing and Etiquette - A Guide For Alliances and Hunters

Below are some guides related to Titans, mercing, approaching alliances in a respectful way, and determining when your next rare will pop up. They are written with those who are new to the “sport” in mind. It is my intent that they will help others avoid some of the frustrations and pitfalls that I and my friends have experienced.

  1. Secrets of Rare Titan Prediction

Way back when, in one of my first alliances, we had a really smart player who had a LOT of game knowledge. This included the ability to predict Rare Titans reasonably well. But this was information not shared. In my mind, this was a game mechanic worth knowing and I was inspired to try to figure it out. This guide represents the “formula” that has consistently worked for me in my alliances. You may find this guide to be helpful to your alliance too.

  1. Best Practices - for MERCS - for Alliances

My alt profile is leader of a small Merc friendly alliance. Especially during POV and Titan Hunting Season, we have come to rely on the assistance of Mercs to meet our goals. But as with any new pursuit, and when people try something for the first time, there is a learning curve to hunting and hosting effectively. We experienced many frustrations born of unintentional mistakes until we came up with these basic guides. Novo was one of the hunters who came to assist on more than one occasion. With her help, these guides were developed. They represent what has worked well for us. I hope you find them of value too.

  1. Can I Hunt?

This shows how we determine in our alliance whether the timing is right to allow Titan hunting outside. This phrasing is almost exactly what Rook recently told one of our more avid sportsmen when he wanted to go hunting. I thought it was clear enough to memorialize and share.


Thank you @Novo, @Rook for help on the content and @JonahTheBard for walking me patiently thru the post.

:heart: Your support is greatly appreciated. :heart:



Good stuff, no did but good to see those of us without a PHD can still contribute.

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@Ice_Saber That we literally grew up a town away from each other and ended up in the same alliance even though now several states divide us is mind-blowing :exploding_head:.

What brings us together is the love for this game and having had the opportunity to collaborate with you on this project has been a true joy.

These are wonderful infographs and I hope that they will be a benefit to all. :star_struck:


Super easy to follow, wonderfully informative, and a pretty accurate estimation of things.
Great job, and thanks for the info!


Great post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! :grinning: :clap:


Since POV, i have increasingly observed a behaviour of mercenaries, which i personally find disgusting. Especially small alliances are open to acquire new members without entry barriers. This is exploited by some mercenaries, who meet in global “peer support” and specifically seek small alliances with small titans in order to get them done quickly in a small group. They are usually 3-5 people who kill a Titan with only one attack each, then disappear again and seek the next alliance.

This is my call to all mercenaries: Only go mercenary where you have been asked for help.

I have also asked some players who practice this. They’re doing it for Valor. It doesn’t make sense to me. The total task is to kill 35 Titans in 50 days. This is possible for any alliance, regardless of size.

Therefore, such bad behavior can not be justified by the fact that there is this task in POV

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I am going to be super clear. They are not Mercs… They are Titan Poachers…

There is another thread on this topic so won’t get bogged down on it here but to delineate the two:

Read more on the Titan Hoppers or Titan Poachers here (including my suggestion :stuck_out_tongue: )


Frankly you have only now awoken me to this. However, in my experience those who abuse the system will lose in the end. With your posting I hope that it catches fire. I would advise a little more diplomacy… Please repost under what ever category (even a bear match, is warning to new players) you can get it in.

It was my intent with the initial post to share respectful practices that can enhance this aspect of game play. For me, POV and the introduction of Titan Hunting beyond my own alliance has created a whole new dimension to the game. Perhaps that is because my emphasis is more on the people I am playing with than the latest big gun hero and how many cups I can accumulate. For me, it has become another way to form in-game relationships in support of my alliance.

Please allow me to share a little more and describe how POV has impacted my little alliance.

Occasionally we will have a merc stop by just to “gift” us with a flag or two… and they don’t even stay for loot! Who knew that was even a “thing”?

Sometimes a Merc who has visited for a titan kill will stay or come back to war with us. We appreciate the sharing & advice.

For RARE titans, like this weekend’s approaching tiger, we will have mercs helping from the start. This helps us take down the beast without depleting our own resources.

Some mercs will come to help just because they like us, not because it’s another “job”. I like knowing who is coming because there is a sense of security and mutual goodwill.

Mercs have become a valuable resource and extended alliance “family” for us… especially those repeat and special ones (you know who you are) and we are happy with that arrangement.

It doesn’t have to be a mad swarm of faceless killers nuking your Titan.


Need more explanation

Rare about every 11 titans, so when we can kill 10 titans, next 11th titan should be rare ? Or we must kill 11 titans, next 12th titan should be rare ?

There is no precise formula. As with most of the game, there appears to still be an element of randomness.

My best advice is to track your titans and predict rares bases on your own averages.

Note that even then you will see variations. In just October we had a rare with 16 titans in between rares and another with only 9. Since January, we have averaged 12.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!


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They can do whatever they want to do. If alliances do not want that to happen, then they should not be set to open. If you’re set to, “Open,” you’re literally saying that people can come and go as they please.

FTR, I haven’t done that personally…and maybe it is a little rude, but, “Disgusting,” is a heck of a strong word.

Also, those aren’t mercenaries. Being a mercenary is honorable, I used to be one. A true mercenary only comes when asked.

no, when the alliance is set to open it only means that there are no entry barriers and everyone is welcome. this is not an invitation to ravage the garden. the fact that you can do whatever you want is no justification for completely misbehaving

People who do this are usually referred to by me as an unappetizing body orifice. so “disgusting” isn’t that bad.


I agree with you in principle, but it’s kind of one of those, “It’s not illegal if it’s not illegal,” situations. I don’t think the behavior is justifiable; I’m just saying that the alliance essentially allows such a thing to be possible by being open.

Anyway, plenty of alliances looking for Mercs in the chats at all times, so they should do that instead and at least make themselves useful.

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