Rare titans gifts not delivered

Community I am devastated at this on the game how do they say “RARE TITAN” with darts and when you eliminate the titan no one gets them? Who else has this problem?
I need answers please or my gasket is gonna blow! I do not think its a clean joke to promise the players use this as a carrot then you don’t get the carrot after all that work!

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All a rare titan guarantees is a better chance at getting darts. There is no guarantee that anybody in your alliance will actually get it.


Lol, yeah, I’ve seen plenty of rare titans go down. Only once did I get something: a tabard. I was A+ and this was a 9/10* titan


You get an extra roll at the end. My guess is about 10%. Same as a 4 star troop. Think of it like an epic ascension item token, where rolling a 3 star gets you nothing.

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Yeah, of all the “Rares” we’ve taken down only 2 times has anyone gotten the item. Like others have said & like everything else in the game, it’s just a better Chance at it. Sucks, I know. Wish it would be gauranteed for at least ONE member to get it but nothing is, nor will anything ever be, Gauranteed. I thought, from reading other’s posts on here(stating 2-3 members getting the item per Rare), the odds were better than they are but for our alliance, that hasn’t been the case.

As a footnote: I’ve Never personally gotten the bonus item.

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I’ve gotten them either 2 or 3 times since rare titans have come out

I’ve been playing this game since June 2018. Defeated countless rare titans and got the bonus item only once.

I got many more 4* mats from regular titans.


Rare Titans are another useless aspect of this game where you are encouraged to engage, but you will be given another slap in the face for your efforts.

Rewards? What Rewards!

Just more JUNK for their customers, & they expect you to be entertained while waiting 6 months or more just to level up some heroes.


Wasnt useless when I pulled the last Tonic I needed for Alby.


It has rewarded the rare item a few times for me so keep them coming.

And where has all those titan pieces gone? I started in a new alliance and for that week titan parts or pieces…now we kill larger titan those were 5* now 7* rare and no parts?

That’s right, it will be the last tonic you will ever get from one as well.

made this mistake twice hoping for rare mats:

nothing despite >500k HP

again nothing

rare titans are not worth any effort


It’s a gamble but it could pay off. It’s a roll of a dice essentially.

For me yeah I would like the mats but I would rather see our newer members get them to help them grow. It has happened a few times.

Not sure why so many complaints over a game…


You only get titan parts if your use giant harpoons.


I had a run of 4 rare Titans where I got the item on 3 of them. Prior to that I got the item like once.


Oh I see now I get it. And the people I play with are not educated to make me aware if no harpoon is used you will NOT be getting any parts!!!
I got this thank you so much!


Yesterday got my first *4 AM from a rare titan, a scope from an unicorn performing B… this is after been playing for 6 months… in the titan before this one (a normal one) got a tome of tactics and today got another one from Farholme… any different way u can get a *4 AM is more than welcome…sometimes u r lucky and get something good, sometimes u r not… sometimes another member of ur alliance is, so all this is part of the game…

It is really much better not to have any expectation about a specific reward… or even a specific hero on any pull… when that lucky reward or pull happens, just enjoy… at the end it is just a game, the idea is to have fun and relax…

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Well, if you have been playing for several months now, you should have already noticed the RNG aspect of this game. Almost everything in this game (summoning heroes, loot drops, chest rewards, opening boards, tile cascades, including bonus chance of getting the 4* unfarmable ascension materials from rare titans, etc.) is in a roll of dice. Not everything here is certain as what this game gives you is the rush of uncertainty. Others like it (me included as it gives me a chance to defeat veteran players even if he/she is more than 10 levels ahead of me). Some do not. If you don’t like it, and don’t have the patience this game requires, I guess you are better off playing some other mobile games before you get frustrated and become another statistics for rage-quit players. Try playing Candy Crush instead.

For heavens sake do not get all twisted! Some of us has different views on the mechanisms of the game and find it entertaining. While others find it a conquest for time and do not watch the fanatics. I find some others also take it VERY serious! They will kick you out after 2 unplayed titan hit! So am I here to make a big deal about it? Sure!!! Its my savvy!
If not to get the response of other players so I can better understand this game then maybe to hear all sides including yours…which is sarcasm labeled.
Everyone has a spot that itch and wants scratched so low me if you can’t scratch my itch!

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