Rare titans for weaker players and alliances. Would be GREAT

Can someone please tell me why rare titans are restricted to level 5* and up??
That is so UNFAIR to weaker alliances and members.
It seams everything is aimed at higher level players.
I am not a weak player, BUT I love to try to help them become better.
I allow NEW players in my alliance, and make them welcome.
We beat all 4* titans and some 5* titans including rare.
I just can not understand why weaker players are not gave a BETTER chance to get prized items.


When you fighting with 4-5* titans and you need 4* ascending mats you must change alliance

That does not answer why they short change the weak at all.

This game needs patience, you not suppose to be able to level 5* at begin. Beside those rare drops are so small, that I wouldn’t even worry about those at all. I play with two accounts and I have only got, that bonus once. Some in our alliance haven’t got, that ever. Even that we have defided several rare 10*.

No you guys misunderstand.
I want to know why they always leave the week out.
Just like what they gave when the war screwed up. It was great for us players that could easy beat the event. But it was CRAP for the weak players.
My team has eight 5*s on it I can play and beat the events with not much trouble. I am only saying the weak need to be helped as much as the strong. Helping the weak will ONLY make the game better and more fair for them to feel wanted, which in turn make them want to play more .

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You can have all my rares…they aren’t worth the effort for the amazingly bad drop rates.


LOL I know what you mean @ [General_Confusion]

I just dont figure I will get anything, so when I do its a welcome surprize

Okay, let’s put it this way, if all levels were easy to beat, why even bother level up heroes? I love events, because those are harder than regular stages, which you can pretty much autoplay. We all have been in that way in begin, when we couldn’t ascend 4* right away and 5* were even longer wait. Yeah, this game should offer those ascension items maybe little bit often, but also stronger players need some fun and challenge in this game. :wink:


I can’t believe how blind you are.
All is aimed at higher level players…
Do you think we started at level 40? Did you?
Do you think there have been any rare titans when we started? (added on May 8th, btw)

The answer is NO.
All is aimed at new players.
And that is the way everything is, because only then can you keep the money flowing.

And it is only the tip of the iceberg, there were
NO Special Events
NO Aliance Wars
NO Season Events
NO loot tickets
and if I remember right, there were no ascension items in the first Winter Event at all.
Our progress has been slower than the progress of all new players now.
Please delete this thread, it is nonsense.

We, who are not new, created a TON of material helping new players. Alliances and players who care about this game, we invested time and effort. We made it as easy as possible for the new players. Just browse a while through the forum, you will find almost everything here.
You want to help new players?
Sit down to your PC and send them links, show them where they can find useful information. Help them with team building and tactics, whatever.
Do something.
Not this.


I guess it is just to incentivate growing, playing for a long time and/or spending.

Honestly, rare titans for me are only fancy titans with same rewards.
Don’t really bother man.

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Now if we deleted every thread that was nonsense we wouldn’t have much left to read, would we. Except perhaps the ridiculous complaints thread…that is a very sensible and accurate thread.


You are right. I just don’t like that someone writes something before they even start to think about it.


About the titan, I understand the frustration of this player because I was in the same situation in May.
My alliance was young and battling with 3-4* titan and we didn’t see much of 5* and occasionally a rare.
I was a bit disappointing at the time because I was always in the top scorer of my alliance and could have taken titan at a higher level and it’s still the case but we are a good alliance and I enjoy staying there.
For what I recall, it was very slow to move to 5* titan and get a new challenge with the rare titan would have been a good call.

It’s not for the reward of the rare titan because I only got one rare bonus still but it’s just to have a change, to have a new titan, to break the monotony.
It will not bother me if the little alliances have some rare 3* or 4* titan.

So, if SG change this and finally gave the opportunity to little alliance to get some 4* AM this way, it will not be a huge amount anyway (I think) and it’s not a big deal for me.

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I mean… I’m generally an advocate for inclusivity in this game…


if a team has 30 active members, it won’t take long for rare titans to show up. (30 active members should be able to kill 5* titans)

If an alliance has 7 members, or 9 members or something and want to see rare titans… they better recruit or merge with another alliance is how I feel about it. (I think there’s too many alliances in the game, basically)



I understand that for you, who have access to this forum you can have access to a lot of information about the game and find an alliance in an easy way.

This is just my case:
When I started in January, my first alliance was a dead alliance, because I didn’t know anything about the game. About a time, I leaved for my current alliance, the leader was alone and just after we were 3.
So I was going on chat to recruit some people one month or so later, we had some people but they were essentially newbies and a lot have quit the game along the road and a few have moved on other alliance.
To keep a core of people, it needs some time.
Our alliance was rarely with 30 people and still isn’t but we are close. I don’t want to go for recruiting and haven’t do it for a while now.

Because we all are French and you know, a lot of French people don’t speak English, the access to this forum isn’t easy. So I am getting the information for my alliance for a little time now.

Certainly if I had knew this forum, I will not have moved in this alliance and maybe I will not have known the people I play with.

Anyway, Rome wasn’t build in one day, and little alliance with a few people can grow along the way… and it could take some time before you reach rare 5* titan… :grin:

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This game is intended to be played over time. As you level up, and level up your heroes, you grow stronger. As you grow stronger, more and more game content is made available to you.

The Forum is available to every player, via a link in the game. As far as I know, no one withholds knowledge from new players, any where I go in this game; links are posted on the Forum, and strategies are shared everywhere, be it on Facebook, YouTube, Discord or Line. The older players are very generous with what they share, clearly wanting to help those who came after them.

If you’re not sure where to start, you may glean some information here:

Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


Thanks @Rook but I think I didn’t explain myself in a good way…

In fact, I just try to put my shoes in somebody who start the game and don’t speak English, it’s difficult to obtain all those informations, imho.
I don’t have an answer for this specific case, I don’t think Gogol Translate is a viable answer and
I doubt the chat in-game would help a lot for this.

Everything is explained in this forum, everybody is cool, I am thankful to all the community for this, and to have the opportunity to get those informations for my alliance, it helps a lot.

Anyway, that doesn’t change the thing, Endurance & Patience to have better things in E&P, I agree :wink:

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Totally agree. I am Level 50 and it took ages to get at this point. I am a F2P Player. Why should others now get even more benefits and pass me as “old” player?

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So here’s my guess – and it’s absolutely a guess.

Rare titans grant a 4* mat with some small probability. (I have gotten exactly one bonus mat killing every 12* rare we’ve seen since they released them.) I’m going to guess that:

  • The probability of the bonus mat is highest for 12* titans
  • The probability declines with the :star: rating
  • The lowest rare (5*) has some very small chance of a drop (e.g. 0.5%)
  • The devs decided that a lower % associated with a rare 4* titan was simply wasting everyone’s time.

Pure speculation.