Rare Titans cycle broken after update?

Was the rare titan cycle reset with the latest update?
Instead of the expected unicorn after 13 titans another yellow one (3rd yellow in a row) appeared.

I always thought there was some randomness to the Rare Titan cycle:

There’s more data/discussion in that thread too that might be of help.

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Ah ok.
Because we never had more than 13 days between rare ones. Seems like we had just a bad random roll.

Sounds like it. It’s also possible if you let any titans go along the way that it may have affected timing. But even without that there seems to be a random component to the timing.

Another one - now it’s 16 between rare ones.

Have you killed all 16 in a row?

No, we let 4 go. (20 chars)

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ussualy a rare doesnt spawn after an escaped one ( i guess this is how SG planned so it will be a challenge and not to be full stacked with 3x30 flags :slight_smile: )

perhaps when it should have spawned you let 1 escape, killed 1, let 1 escape again and the gap increased to 16 like that…

Ah, we let the last one go on purpose. That may be the cause of delay.

I agree with @_John_Doe, the escape history is likely related to the delay.


Finally, the unicorn popped up.
Now it’s time to beat it away :slight_smile:

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Woohoo, congrats and good luck!

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