Rare Titans - Bad luck streak record - Can you beat me?

So today’s Blue 14* Thunder Silly Horse marks 2 years in this game having never had the bonus ascension. Now I’m not 100% sure how many Rares I’ve had kill loot from but I’ve killed 533 Titans (according to my stats)

If one assumes a rare comes along every 7-9 Titans I’ve kill circa 66 of them. Never had the mythical bonus ascension item. As rare as Unicorns it seems…

So here’s the challenge!

Can you beat that?? Or am I the unluckiest Rare Titan slayer in the game?

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Can’t beat it, but I think I’ve had the bonus twice in the almost three years I have been playing. Curious if anybody has mined the data of what the expected odds are, because not much would be my conclusion

I’ve had the opposite luck, at one point in the last year I got the bonus item 4 times in a row and at least 4 other times in that span.

I mean…you can go off people right! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The running joke is now “Hey, good luck to whoever gets my bonus this time!”

Which is true…if someone gets the bonus then at least it didn’t leave us empty handed.

But really what I’d like is to get my own bonus :laughing:

The odds are 0 in my game

only been a part of my alliance 180 days or so. but the alliance creator, who created it 671 days ago, swears that no one ever got a rare ascension mat drop during that time. until the day (which i was a part of) someone complained about it in the chat. then? the next rare titan we fought, the person who complained GOT THE MAT. that was about three months ago. now, it’s happened 9-10 times over 4 rare titans.

‘bots monitoring your chat’ conspiracies now go here…

I complain about it in chat all the time so :man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

Because it still won’t give me one :laughing:

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Ehm, in 2 weeks i merc i’ve got it 2 times :flushed:

Same here,never got the bonus item