Rare titans and their loot

My alliance just defeated Queen Harpy and for a rare titan I thought the loot would have been better but it was the same as just about all others

Rare Titans give loot 1 tier above what a normal titan of the same star rating would. Depending on the star level and rating, that can effectively make no difference in chance for ascension materials.

Titan loot tiers are well explained here:


Understandable, I just think the loot should be better. My whole alliance is complaining about it because I guess it stated on the Titian that a special loot was guaranteed, not sure I must have missed where it said that but still I think the loot should have been better. It should at least give acsending materials that are hard to come by.

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Rare titans have a bonus chance for the specific 4* ascension mat that matches their element. But like most things in this game, it’s a chance, not a guarantee.

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Oh ok I missed that. The leader of my alliance asked if any of us got it but do far everyone has said no.

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Yeah, unfortunately, having killed quite a few rare titans, it’s not super uncommon for no one to get the bonus item.

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I’ve had the bonus once in about ten rares, which is right where it should be. The rare drops 2 or 3 special items for a full alliance. It always shows up as the last item in loot if it shows up at all.

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I wish it did so always. From our alliance’s experience only one of 3 rare titans gave a single extra ascension item or two. Others give just common loot.

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