Rare Titan

Hi, this morning the first time I saw the Titan, it shows that was a rare one and right after changed to the spider of chaos.
We have been dealing with 11, 12, 13 and 14 since they were introduced in the game and we haven’t had the chance to fight one, for the World Worriors they are not rare, they are extinct…

They are extinct it‘s true. But SG knows about the issue and is gonna fix it with next update - hopefully!

This is not about rare titans, but I wonder if it is related. Since last update we get only blue and red titans, with one holy thrown in. What happened to green and purple?

I noticed this too in my alliance. At least the last three titans we had were blue.

Yes this just happened to us. One of our alliance mates saw the rare titan and then it turned into the chaos spider.

Thank you Maarrtz. Will do:writing_hand:

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