Rare Titan Updates


Thats a dirty special it has! Ive always feared a Titan riposte :tired_face:


Thx @LoloSnow

I tried to make a recapitulative


Wow, great work!!!



Tasty! 2222000000000


That looks like FOUR ascension rolls?! At loot tier 14?


Yes. They introduced it with/after 14* titans came round the corner


Many thanks!
wacky rule of 20 characters :slight_smile:


Today we get our 2nd Blue Unicorn so thank you Devs for fixing the rare titan spawn rate.


One of our member got a jackpot :slight_smile: Third place, lucky girl. It’s normal for her…

The same titan, my loot, second place.


I would surmise, in the 5* and 6* titan ranges, we see a rare probably one in ever 15 to 18 titans. Currently fighting a 6* Dragon Rooster.

it’s gonna sound lazy, but has anyone compiled a list of the rare titans with their stats anywhere on the forums yet?



I dont understand why they would not put them in the lower *s also for the weak players to score a rare titan.


I actually did get the bonus item on one of our rares, poison darts. It was, like all the pictures here, the last item in my list of won items. I wonder if it’s placement here does verify that it is only a bonus roll, completely separate from the other ascension rolls. But they’re pretty d*mn tough to get. :thinking:


I’ve been unlucky in my alliance, The Walkers, when we’ve killed rares without a full complement of 30, and not gotten a mat. Can’t complain since have gotten them twice from MV, usually soon after I didn’t get one. Others on our team, have. Admittedly it took a number of flasks. Expect to see a third one soon. Wish could figure out the algorithm used to generate them. Love the fame. Just wish ut wasn’t so random.