Rare Titan Updates


And is loot tier different on rare titans?Here you got XI on A score on a 8* titan. Shouldnt it be level + 2 for A score (X) or am I wrong?


We got our 1st Rare Titan this morning, a 9* unicorn! Will see how the loot turns out.


Can anyone tell me if the chance for the scope increases with the ranking of the players?


Finally got our first unicorn here in Shadow Warriors today…12* unicorns are quite the mighty beasts


We just downed a 6* Unicorn.

Of the 8 or so players online, no one received a telescope.

I finished with an A+ with 250k damage, best I got was a scabbard and summons token (2* purple troops)


We just fought our first rare titan. I got an A+ score and did over 600k damage to a 6* titan. I didn’t receive anything good. What happened to a better chance at accession items?

Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

Once more I see evidence that these rare titans come in waves. That’s how SG controls their spawning.

Dutch Dragonslayers just killed a 8-star rare titan.

I haven’t heard from anyone getting a telescope.

Not happy. I saved up 2 titan flask against better judgement for this occasion. Not worth it. It would have been worth it if at least half our alliance had gotten a telescope. But so far no one.

This feels like bait and switch. Not okay.


помогите восстановить доступ акку! сори что пишу не в тему, но нужна помощь знающих что и куда писать!


We had a 8* Thunder Unicorn recently - several players got a scope, but not all and not related to ranking of the players, as is usual for titan look.


We still haven’t had a rare one, I have to say not impressed with the rarity, I think it is ridiculous to have to wait this long for our first one.


We have had a rare unicorn 6* when they first announced it and downed it at that time (I think about 4-5 weeks ago).

Today we found ourself a nice 6* rare rooster to be grilled on the bbq! We are already firing up the barbie because it is a big one!


We just downed our first rare titan. It was a 6* blue unicorn. Had an increased chance of dropping the farsight telescope. Havent heard from everyone yet but it’s looking like nobody got one. I didn’t get one in 1st place. And I know that 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th & 7th didn’t get one either. So it was a lot of excitement for nothing. Seemed like normal loot to me. Oh well, better luck next time.


It is in fact normal loot but at the end you have a possible chance for telescope - like it is with hero of the month I would say. But the chances for that extra roll seem pretty slim^^


Meanwhile over at our house the waiting party continues…


Update. One person did get a telescope, he was 15th place on the boards. ridiculous


We got one this morning. I’ll let you know loot after we kill it.


Hello everyone. we have just had a rare titan (unicorn 6 *) 3 members of the alliance had higher objects of evolution.the third: trap design objects. the fifth: an orb and the twenty-fifth: a telescope.


We got our 9* down. I got A+ and got 2 Sturdy Shields (So now I have 24 of those) and no 4* items.

So far nobody has reported getting a scope. Few reported 3* mats and one got a Tabard.

Spawning the rare was exciting, until it died lol


We just had our first rare titan (8* Unicorn) and killed it with over 9 hours to go and most of our team did not get any ascension items. Really disappointed.


We had a thunder unicorn or as we concluded why it got into the titan business, he must’ve branched off from the happy unicorns and became a unhappy and killer unicorn, or maybe he just ate a wierd mushroom.