Rare Titan Updates

Looks like computation for rare titans is different to normal ones. Just add 1 to how you compute the normal titans.

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Loot tier for rare titan is +1 compare to same * normal titan.

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And the last one…

It’s a Very hard one. :tired_face:

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Wow! This last one looks like the toughest one. 2 things I hate the most, mana slow and reflect attack. Good luck!

Thats a dirty special it has! Ive always feared a Titan riposte :tired_face:

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Thx @LoloSnow

I tried to make a recapitulative


Wow, great work!!!

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Tasty! 2222000000000

That looks like FOUR ascension rolls?! At loot tier 14?

Yes. They introduced it with/after 14* titans came round the corner

Many thanks!
wacky rule of 20 characters :slight_smile:

Today we get our 2nd Blue Unicorn so thank you Devs for fixing the rare titan spawn rate.

One of our member got a jackpot :slight_smile: Third place, lucky girl. It’s normal for her…

The same titan, my loot, second place.

I would surmise, in the 5* and 6* titan ranges, we see a rare probably one in ever 15 to 18 titans. Currently fighting a 6* Dragon Rooster.

it’s gonna sound lazy, but has anyone compiled a list of the rare titans with their stats anywhere on the forums yet?


I dont understand why they would not put them in the lower *s also for the weak players to score a rare titan.

I actually did get the bonus item on one of our rares, poison darts. It was, like all the pictures here, the last item in my list of won items. I wonder if it’s placement here does verify that it is only a bonus roll, completely separate from the other ascension rolls. But they’re pretty d*mn tough to get. :thinking:

I’ve been unlucky in my alliance, The Walkers, when we’ve killed rares without a full complement of 30, and not gotten a mat. Can’t complain since have gotten them twice from MV, usually soon after I didn’t get one. Others on our team, have. Admittedly it took a number of flasks. Expect to see a third one soon. Wish could figure out the algorithm used to generate them. Love the fame. Just wish ut wasn’t so random.

Bonjour Mariamné, je me suis permis de rajouter tes images au GSheet que j’ai fait pour résumer toutes les infos sur les titans.

Dis moi si ça te dérange je les enlèverai.
Et Merci pour pour toutes tes superbes infographies !

No problem! It’ s ok for me.

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