Rare Titan today

Has the latest update in 1.12.7 unlocked the rare titans now that the challenge is over? On both my main and alt accounts today I have pulled the rare unicorn as the blue titan. One is a 7* and the other is an 88 on my main. The 7* is going to be a challenge for that group, but I think the 8* on my main account is doable. Has anyone else seen any after the challenge?

No. After defeating yesterday our 10* we got our first 11* that we are letting go. Too hard. But still waiting for our first rare titan :frowning:

Exactly the same for us. No rare titans to be seen…

We had a rare one as well. So far one guy from the alliance got a telescope


None for my alliance either. 6 weeks since 1.12 released.

We got a 4* rare unicorn.

That’s very strange as I thought that they were only from 5* and above
But hey if you got one grats to you hope you killed it

Can you show screenshot of rare 4* please

I can’t. Didn’t think about taking a screenshot. It had 946,000 hp and we couldn’t kill it. We can take down a regular 5* pretty easy.

Yes. We at Palace X just put down a rare 8 star blue unicorn… i got a farscope in the loot.

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I was wrong. It was 5*. Sorry for the confusion

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I didn’t see anything we just finish the 10*

We have a 11* blue unicorn today.

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Seen no rare’s since 1.12 came out 6 weeks ago.

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We have a 9* unicorn now. Pretty though beastie. We will have it down, but it needs some serious crafts if heroes are to last the whole battle

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we have a 7* blue unicorn & its reflecting blue & kicking our collective butts out of the park.
Glad to see something new thats not cocked up tbh

Seems to be blue unicorn’s day today. We also got a 5* one.

Both my main and Alt Alliances were able to take down the Blue Unicorns. with ease. One team I didn’t get any rare loot, but on my main account I received rings.