Rare Titan not showing up

I understand Titans are random. This time is a little outrageous. Out of 21 Titans 15 defeated ones we still have not gotten a rare. It is continuously getting farther and in between. Rare Ascension maps are hard to get to begin with. It’s to the point where we should have have two by now. Just making sure somehow we are not stuck in a loop or glitch.

Thank you look forward to your response

Have patience, now that you complained about it it will come. Sometimes it seems like forever. Longest our alliance went between rares is 24 days (2/19/19 to 3/15/19).

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A rare titan also won’t show after one has escaped. If titans don’t escape, we’ve found they appear after between 6-11 defeated titans.


The longest I’ve seen is 16

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One question, and also one warning.

Question: what level titans are you fighting? Below a certain level, rare titans do not appear at all.

Sorry, I assume that you probably already know that, but just want to make sure (minimum level is 5* titans AFAIK)

Warning: rare titans don’t give the rare item to everyone. Sometimes they don’t give the item to anyone. So no guarantee of rare ascension mats from even a rare titan.


We are fighting 10-11 star Titans with an occasional 12. We’ve had 21 Titans in a row not rare. We have defeated 15 of those. And I am aware it doesn’t drop loot for everybody or anybody for that matter. It would just be nice to have the chance at it

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Patience is definitely needed in this game. Have plenty of that. The longest before this was eleven defeated. Normally they show up after 9 or 10 defeated Titans. Definitely don’t expect to get any kind of compensation. Just wanted to bring it to someone’s attention and see if anyone else is having problems. Much love and happiness. Stay safe all

This is definitely an anamoly, but most likely you guys have hit a tail end of the Gaussian curve. As @Sarah2 already mentioned, in our alliance all rare titans have spawned between 6-11 kills. Most likely there is a very small percentage of chance that it can go to either extremes, like spawning after 4 kills or 15 kills. Anyway, I am pretty sure it’s a one time occurrence and things will be back to normal after the next rare. Happy gaming. :slight_smile:

Here’s our kills between rare titans data:


Funnily enough happening in my alliance though not as extreme - we’re up to 14 now with no rare, which is the longest stretch yet. There’s a consensus you can’t get a rare after an escaped titan, but our usual pattern is a rare after 10. Was wondering if it could in fact be a bug.

We finally got a rare. 16 kills and 22 total Titans later

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Anomaly for sure. But yeah, it does happen. My alliance usually gets 1 rare a week, but sometimes we get 2 a week, sometimes only 1 every 2 weeks.

Not sure if it’s RNG or some other hidden algorithm that decides.

Congrats on finally getting a rare! And good luck on getting the bonus item! :slightly_smiling_face: