Rare Titan Loot

Not sure if this is a bug or not, however as we have just taken down our first Rare Titan, we as an alliance found it a bit strange that no one received the Scope .
I understand theres only a chance to win, but the whole alliance missing out ?

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read closely:
Only “Chance” for telescope…others got same issue but Chance keeps Chance.


Well that was the first one and as I said, we weren’t sure. Thanks for clarifying

I am afraid it is the same as you would expect that one of your alliance members has to pull a 5* hero during a summon. As long SG does not puplic the percentage of chances nobody can really know.

We got the same in our alliance. The titan is difficult to beat and the loots are the same as usual. Nobody got the télescope. This is really frustrating.

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Oh yes. The Unicorn was a real tank. Aways thought unicorns are friendly and polite but this was not :scream:


“Increased chance* to get a scope”

*you’re never getting a scope. Eventually you’ll learn and buy it.


It’s unreasonable! We worked really hard and not one single person out of 30 got the scope or ANY big ascension item for that matter! We won’t be processing the “rare” titans anymore or buying heroes during events anymore. If you’re going to make those offers, the chances have to be more reasonable, else, why bother? We really enjoy the game … please do t ruin it by getting too greedy and running the players off :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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Today our alliance received and took down the blue 6* unicorn titan but not one member received the telescope. Is this part of the norm?


You should open a support case and raise your concerns.


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Killjoys Death Dealers defeated the rare Titan no telescopes

Still no rare titan. Need 1.13 released, STAT!