Rare Titan Loot Drop

So joined an alliance the other day and they had a blue unicorn. It had 15 hours remaining. I stayed for loot and snagged the telescope bonus drop.

@Petri is this a bug or working as intended?

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Does it specifically say bonus?

I’ve never got the rare titan specific item, just wondering if it’s possible to get the same item by coincidence and if it can be differentiated?


It appeared at the very end of the loot rather than where mat rolls normally appear. Btw not enthused about reporting this due to mercs get stiffed enough as it is. But i did call others out for not reporting bugs or loopholes, so it would be hypocritical if i didnt report this.


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According to SG the bonus drop isnt supposed to be available for players joining an alliance after titan has spawned

I‘ve heared and seen already that you can snack it from escaped titans and also that you can get it if you sneak in as a merc. Got no proof though.

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Proof i can provide is limited. Best proof i have is conversations in Line where players saw me join after it appeared and saw my loot after it was killed and they have the score list with my name and that score in the screenshot. But i don’t feel right sharing that info without their OK which is why i blurred the names in the other scores besides mine

Why would you lie on that case. I dont see any benefit and for sure believe in what you‘re saying and that you can snack bonus as a merc. I‘ve read in chat of alliances that they merc on pass titans and especially search for rare ones.

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I figured you believe what I’m saying. But the skeptical ones demanding more and more proof should flood in any minute now

Lol bump bump

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I think some of the staff are on hols. Maybe bump it again to Petri after Christmas.

I certainly thought that mercs were more limited in loot but would be pleased if they can still earn an honest crust

This “bug” has been there since they released the rare titans. That’s why most current day mercs only chase rares. You don’t have to be there when it spawns and you can get it even with reduced loot in place.

On a different note, I still have never seen a bonus item personally.


Sara and mhalttu are monitoring errors/bugs regardless of the weekend and holiday. They informed me on another thread this morning

And yes i really don’t mind mercs gettin a random surprise now n then either. But i noticed the bug, it’s only honest that i report it


Maybe rare titan is an exception Or - after i read the topic - a bug :smile:

And yes… That AM drop as last item is just like hotm bonus draw :wink:

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