Rare Titan help

Help needed on a rare 5*Queen Harpy. Our alliance name is Tide Landers. We have Discord https://discord.gg/WcAH
Please help. Thank you for your consideration,

@BroSisBlu… I’m thinking you need to join a merc line / discord group?

Perhaps @Rook can help you? Else you could put your inquiry in Global chat?

Looking for help on a 5* Rare Harpy. Our alliance name is Tide Landers. Blu is our leader. We have discord. https://discord.gg/WcAH
Thank you for your consideration.

Hi @BroSisBlu and welcome to the forum. I know that a rare titan is pretty urgent and you’re trying to get help fast, but please just post one thread on a given topic in the future. I hope you managed to find the titan help you were looking for!

See PM. I’m closing this thread.

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