Rare Titan help = no bonus item - A clarification [Answer: Alliance members who joined before the titan spawned still get to roll for it, even if you get help]

Hello everybody,

Today we asked some help for a rare titan since we are in 24 and we might have some problem in taking it down. A guy outside of our alliance told us that if somebody comes to help for a rare titan we won’t have the possibility to get the rare ascension item (cause the system recognize it as an help and so no bonus item).

It sounds quite strange to me, so I wanted to ask if it is true or it is just another myth that you can encounter now and then talking with other player?

I have searched on the existing topics but I couldn’t find an answer.


I have received a bonus item as a merc before. Hope that helps.

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We received help back in v19 from a merc defeating a rare Harpy, and one of my mates + me received a royal tabard.

So unless something changed recently, I think the one who told you was misinformed or was trolling :wink:


I believe the alliance all still get the chance, but any new members/merc’s that join after it spawns get reduced loot and no bonus roll chance. This is possibly what he meant.

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This is what I understood as well.

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He was quite clear, he said (I’m translating): “If they help you, none of you will get the tunic. Unfortunately with rare titans it is like that, if somebody enters when the titan already spawned the system evaluate him as an help and it isn’t given any bonus item to anyone”

He was wrong :slight_smile:


Nope…first time i hear this…

:unamused: i digress

I thought there was zero chance to get the bonus item and reduced loot, for having joined the alliance after the spawn of a rare.

Correct. But the OP’s not asking if the mercs get a roll…

oh, I see. My mistake

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I updated the answer to help clarify

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Thanks everybody for the answers!

Nobody joined us to help in the end, but we made it anyway, yay!

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I can also confirm that this is not true. I got 2 accounts and helped with my whale the small account with rare titan. The big account usually is not in that alliance. Hence i was something like a merc.
Result: my small account got the darts!!! :heart_eyes:

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