Rare Titan - help needed (hit and drop)

Hi all,

Treadmill Heroes United are fighting a green 10* rare Titan. It’s a little to fine to call but we are asking for people’s kindness.

If anyone would be willing to hit the Titan and drop when they’re done we would be so grateful!

Thanks in advances for any help

Time and hp left on the titan? I could potentially mobilize a few players.

Still got 12 hrs Wharf! And 1.2mil Only one spot available however. We will have it low but too close to call at the moment. We usually run at about 100k an hour but the heavy hitters are out. Thank you for replying

I’m checking with leadership, we have a policy of not mercing so I don’t want to set precedent by skirting the rules.

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No worries! We will always be willing to return the favour should you ever need us. It will only be for the rares

Hey Bully! Even though you beat us in War way back when I’ll come donate some hits on the alt. Can’t guarantee they’ll be any good though. :sweat_smile:

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Thanks Spookd, was a great fight! Lost a few heavy hitters since then. Wouldn’t want to fight you again!! @2Spookd

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