Rare Titan Didn’t Give Me the Promised Mysterious Tonic [SOLVED: Bonus Chance on Rare Titans is not a guarantee of loot]

The last Titan promised Mystic Tonic … I was high scorer - A+ - score of over 174k and I did NOT get ANY Tonic and I am really UPSET… What do you have to say about it ???

It’s all about luck. I’m very sure that some other guys of you alliance got the tonic. Only that you are the top scorer dont means that you get the tonic…

This is a common point of confusion. Here’s info from a recent time someone else asked:

I also recommend this thread:

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It is not guaranteed you get the Bonus Item. If it makes you feel any better, I am 0 for 4 in receiving the Bonus Item all as the A+ scorer too - so yea I feel you r pain!

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