Rare Titan - Can it appear after an escaped one?

Hi friends,

would you please tell me if it’s possible for a Rare Titan to appear after an escaped one? :blush:

20 characters of YESES.

Yes, whether you do or do not kill your titan you still get a chance of the next one being rare.

In 2 years of play I have never seen a rare appear straight after an escaped titan. To the best of my knowledge this does not occur.


I was a little bit afraid of getting an uncertain answer among the positive ones :smiley: I have to ask in a different way. Is it your experience @Ultra & @Shallab? I need to be 100% sure :blush:

I’m fairly certain the answer is no.


I kept detailed titan records for over a year, trying to crack the titan “code”.

I failed more than I succeeded lol, but all my data confirms reports that rares do not appear right after an escape.

Also, if you are interested, rares are not a random colour, they appear in colour sequence.


Hi all, i dont know if this is the right place to ask, but i’ve always wondered what’s the frequency of rare titans. Me and my alliance got a kind of a guess that they come every 10 days and always on the death of a titan never after a titan “escaped”, and here’s the question anything official about how often do they come and is it true that they always come after a killed titan?

Its between TYPICALLY between 7-10 DEFEATED titans.

And yes, they don’t appear after an “escaped” titan.

It’s not a time-period nor is it guaranteed… All still a “chance” to appear. I’ve seen them as quick as 5 defeated titans & as long as 15… all chance based.


Correct, rare titan NEVER appear after an escaped one.

And the chance become higher and higher the longer they appear since last time.

Sorry. I dont have data for it but in my alliance, we did encounter a rare titan after allowing several to escape in preparation of POV 2 as we want to face lower-leveled titans as part of our strategy to ensure accomplishing titan POV challenge. I think it was our second or third instance that incident happened throughout the existence of our almost 2-year old alliance. We encounter rare titans every after 7-8 consecutive kills and more if some titans escape. And i dont care whether you believe me or not. Again, i dont have data for it. Best consult with the developers or experiences with other small alliances as big ones usually almost kill them often


More if some titan escaped is indicative that escaped titan delay the occurence of rare. Afterall it cannot appear after an escaped one.

I am in charge of managing titan in my alliance which include predicting rare occurence. One rule that I use is no rare after escaped one.

I just checked our titan spreadsheet. We’ve tracked 404 titans and have never had a rare immediately after an escaped one.


Thank you very much :blush:

I track this also.
Never a rare immediately following an escape. There has always been a kill between an escape & rare appearance.

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