Rare titan bonus roll

Consider it just another normal titan.
Let it escape without regret if you are not doing good.

I honestly see that as another way to make you waste materials and push you to spend in refills.

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I’m at 30% or so on bonus mats from Rare Titans.

I’m at 0% :frowning:


I totally agree with the whole “Everyone was super excited when the rare titans first came out”, and then “everyone became extremely disappointed when the bonus roll drop rate was extremely low on something that comes around rarely.”


They’re more of a chore Cos they seem so much harder without really feeling like they give anything extra.
I know it’s a bonus chance, but the little scope picture mocks me!

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For yourself? For your ally? 30% is nowhere near the odds. It should hover around 3-7% I think.

I am disappointed in two things about rare titans:

  1. the loot drop rate.

  2. they’re “harder” without being more interesting. For whatever reason, the immunity vs one color doesn’t feel fun to me. It feels unnecessarily punishing. Especially when accompanied by 1) above and the overall increased hardiness of the Rares. I think there could’ve been other ways to make Rare Titan battles stand out. Like the pumpkin tiles. Or titans that heal. Tornadoes every other round. Magic Nights or Poison Fog. “Slim” titans that maybe are only 3 hexes wide. Like I dunno. There’s options. There’s ways to make those battles more interesting I think. Which I would look forward to more than “blue tiles don’t work” so sometimes when you would normally stun, instead you don’t and nothing else changes.


LOL, you mean 3%?? I’m at 0%.

I love these ideas! They’d totally make it more fun instead of just more punishing.


No, I’m at 2 out of 6. 33%. I’m just lucky I guess. Some people have mats falling out of their ears. It took me awhile but they come in steady now.

I’m at 3/10 so 30% here. :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:

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I’ve killed around 15, and I have never had the bonus roll.

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I wish my alliance got 15+ rare titans like some of you. We’ve only had 5.

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Thank you for sharing this :blush: I was sure I had read here somewhere that rare titan loot was a possibility defeated or not. However I am unable to find the thread. In saying that no one in my alliance has ever received the rare titan loot :disappointed:

I can also confirm that bonus ascension mat can be scored when the titan escapes. We had a yellow rare recently and I got Darts as a bonus roll on escaped titan loot :grinning:

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To finish the first rare titan we killed with my alliance I spent 5 titan flasks. It was a 5-6 star unicorn. I thought it gives the loot comparable to rare chests. I was top scoring with a total of like 450,000 dmg dealt. I got nothing. Some random guy in the alliance got scope. That’s it.

Never looked the same way at rare titans since.

It is superstupid that something RARE gives you a RARE chance to get something extra. Maybe make the rare titans even rarer, but when they appear, don’t make their loot a total disappointment. Something that is supposed to be exciting challenge is just meh in the end.

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@Eyeater @suntanglory


It was even weirder for me cause I had a B score (so the loot tier was lower) and still got the darts. It was really cool to see those darts at the end of that roll cause the rest was all trash and a 2* trainer hero :smiley:

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Its just random, as the entire game.

But I think that EVERY time ONLY 1 attacker gets the increased chance 4* AM… I mean it drops - to whom C+only, A, B, cant say… Dunno… Call it my belief :smile:

@_John_Doe that is awesome :grin::grin: and absolutely great news :blush::blush::blush: thank you for sharing :heart_eyes:

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