Rare titan bonus roll

@Petri, @mhalttu I wanna just show you some datas and ask a simple question:
Is the bonus roll from rare titan working as intended?
I mean, how many rares do you think a players should kill on average to have that roll?
(please, do not read this as a rant or a complain. just wanna ask it peacefully and show you some real datas because sometimes features are think in a way but outcomes are really different)

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It’s working as intended. They know the odds for those extra rolls and they’re meant to be as small as they are.

I don’t have the exact numbers but I do have some grasp on them based on alliance loot reports. I’d guesstimate the odds to get a mat from the extra roll are 3 - 5 % ish (7 / 8 star rares). So on average you’ll need to kill 20 ish rare titans for one mat.


Unfortunately, that took the excitment away. At the start everyone was “ wow, a rare”. Now it is a “oh, anothr rare”, we are averaging one member getting the item very 2 titans, and not really worth the crafts


Yeah, I am starting to question my use of titan flasks on rare titans for that near zero chance of a rare item. I can’t help but wonder if the odds for rares were reduced across the board in order to compensate for new additional opportunities to get Jack Squat.


Here’s one more titbit you might want to have in mind while pondering that question:

There are reports on this forum of players who have obtained the bonus rare item when the titan has escaped.

That’s right. Don’t need to defeat it. Just make sure you hit it. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: I have no idea if the odds are the same, worse, or, you know, even better for escaped titans. :wink:


I can confirm that. I got one from an escapee. Was surprised but grateful!

We are averaging 1 person getting the 4* item per rare Titan On 8-9* titans.
We once had 2x of the item…
I don’t think that’s bad but it could use a bump in drop rate considering rare titans are a not exactly common.

My guess is the drop rate is the usual 1.3% and rates are bumped to 3%. It wouldn’t hurt if that drop rate was at least 5-7.5%…

I have to laugh every time I see the blackened player names. Could you please tell me one thing? Why?
Also data is a plural from datum so you can’t really add an “s” to data.

Good idea would be to have these stats from the whole alliance. Rare titan is not intended to help an individual but to give a higher chance of getting the so much needed item to the group.

I believe the OP was being polite when redacting the player names. They are not the players; therefor, without permission, it is the proper thing to do.


I did mention m alliance data, but that is so irrelevant faced with the true boredom niw on rare titans. Data may be good for the aficcionados, but most of us deal with just people, who get just disappointed over and over. After losing way too many players due to frustation or boredom, it is quit a job to keep them playing, and quoting statistics does not help at all

And the slap in the face is that one of our people got one on an escape! I mean, I guess that’s a good thing, but I’ve personally not seen one ever like the OP.

Check this out…


That’s not the bonus roll. That is luck to get rings in the normal loot roll.


Nope, rings are bonus roll

So what, got the same downing a 7* ice with my alt

bonus roll is always on the last slot, like this oneScreenshot_20180926-073014


Based on our alliance hits I estimate drop rate to be 1% - 3%.

Every 3 rares (= 3x 30 players) we see one or two bonus rolls.

Bonus rolls are indeed always in last slot. We had one with double ascension items even. One in regular loot and one bonus. I believe it was two rings in one loot.


Ah ok, so i just was lucky one with rings and scope. Anyway, i found one more…


That is the correct slot for the bonus roll :slight_smile:

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Currently 0/16 on rare titan bonus drops. I’d love to see an increase in drop rates or a fixed number (say star level - 2) distributed among the alliance members.


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