Rare titan bonus items

I am interested if there is a possibility that when an alliance kills a rare titan, no one gets the bonus ascension item.
I have an alliance which consists only from my alternative acoounts. One member always got the bonus item when I killed a rare titan but today, no one got it.
Is that the correct and intended mechanic or a bug?

Yes it is, you have chance for bonus item and there is no special amount items per titan

It work pretty much like bonus pull with HotM

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He’s, and that’s intended. There is no guarantee that anyone will get the item, just a slightly higher chance (nobody knows exactly; I’d guess in the 5% range at most).

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Best I’ve ever seen it 3 people all got it in a 29 person alliance, more usually 0 or 1.

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My personal rate on bonus roll is 1/89 rare titans on my main- but 3/41 on my alt account. It’s one of my biggest peeves is seeing yet another rare without a bonus roll.

My guess, based on grilling my alliance (probably didnt have full participation) is the bonus roll is related to the rarity of the titan but not anyone in the alliance’s loot tier or grade. So 6* titan = 6% chance of bonus roll. 10* titan = 10% chance. Again, a guess based on limited and incomplete data.

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