Rare titan awards

We have 14 members

We have contacts

nobody won a rare titan award

how many people are given a bonus prize

There is a chance that you can get an AM…not that you or anyone will get one.
Totaly random pick…

It depends on the number of stars a titan has and luck. We certainly see more people getting the item now we have worked up to 8* and 9* titans. At 5*/6* it was a running joke that no-one got it :confused:

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Everyone gets a chance. And not a good chance. Better luck on the next one!

Rare titan doesn’t mean a guaranteed ascension item, it means every participating member gets an extra chance at getting the rare item.

If you’re really lucky all 14 members could have got the item as well as their normal titan loot.

Just so happens you were unlucky and none of the 14 got it.

There’s a link below which gives a rough idea on how titan loot works

titan 9*

It is acceptable not to get the previous 6 stars prize.

but 9 stars

it was a complete disappointment