Rare titan assistance needed (and maybe stay if you like the place)


Hello all mercenaries and people looking for an alliance.

BathHouseBetty has a 5* rare purple Harpy with 8 hours left with 504,000 health. We have 8 members that fight 4* - 5* titans, and we would welcome people looking to have a good time and anyone looking to hit a rare titan.

Also, Masters of the Universe, (leader: Robert Neamtu) has a 9* rare red Ancient Tiger, 20 hours left with 2,164,000 health. They wouldn’t say no to the help or for a couple more members. They currently have 28 members and normally fight 7*/8* titans.

Thanks everyone, maybe I’ll get to meet some new people.

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The Harpy is defeated, thanks for the help!

The “Masters of the Universe” still need help with their Tiger. 1,860,000 health with 13 hours. Any help is appreciated. Especially if you are looking for an alliance.