Rare Titan Ascension Reward

How come I didn’t get rewarded with the ascension reward on the rare titan?

It’s not guaranteed :frowning:


I just found out… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: this is bs

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Seriously, you are hitting rare Titans and still thought that everyone in your alliance would get the ‘possible’ rare mat? Maybe you were the heaviest hitter and felt entitled? If your alliance gets the rare mat’ it will be awarded randomly to any attacking alliance member.

Well its because I have never received the rare mat when defeating a rare titan and most of my alliance member do get it…maybe I should stop spending money… :man_shrugging:


I appreciate your frustration dude, but that is just the way it is. :cry:

It is what it is…oh well

The reason why mats are so hard to get from titans and other random sources with extremely low % rate is that SG want to sell you those same mats for cash. Just look at today’s offer called Cat’s Contraptions. I know it’s excellent value and all, but the actual deal is - you give cash, they give you pixels rearranged like a tabard and two 3* mats. Don’t fall for it and play with whatever you have, that’s my advice. And stick to 4* heroes for the most part.


If I remember correctly, only one lucky member in the alliance can get the extra 4* AM from a rare Titan :-))

Is it still true, @Guvnor, @Rook, @JonahTheBard? :thinking:

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Thank you…great advice. You know its true about the 4* heroes. We get lost in game trying to get 5* heroes that we forget that some 4* heroes are very strong. I have plenty of them and good ones too…I’m start leveling them up.

It might be the case…I’m not sure.

No, that’s not true. Sometimes 5-8 people would get it. At times zero members would get it. It’s random and never guaranteed.


No, it’s entirely RNG with absolutely no guarantees of any kind.

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This has never been true.

It’s completely random. You can have 1 person get it, 10, 20 or even all 30… or alternatively 0 people…

It’s a terrible system and makes the rare titans barely better than normal ones…


What @Guvnor said. @Zathrus @D_DI too.

In my alliance we often see 3-5, but that’s no guarantee that RNG will be the same next time…



I remember the same thing as Lara does, so I tried to find a thread on that.

BUT, the Support page no longer exists. Moreover, the discussion continued and you can find this comment →

This means that you’re right it’s random @Guvnor :+1: There was simply a mistake in the Support page back then :grimacing:

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