Rare Titan Appears

Does anyone know how often rare titans appear, I understood that they come out every 12 days, but I’ve been waiting for him for 14 days and he doesn’t appear

They do appear random, but only after a killed titan…
Further, the “weakest” rare titan has 5 stars, so it means there are no rare titans in the 1-4 stars range…
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Thank you, I was controlling and there were every 7 defeated titans, so I am struck that it still does not appear in my alliance,

maybe every 7th titan on average, but not every 7th titan will be automatically a rare titan unfortunately…
can be after 5 defeated titans, but also after 14th…

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Frequency, 5*+ Rare titans

A very good friend in Beta, said this was discussed with Devs

Rare titans must be 5*

On average for the entire live server, for all eligible titans appearing ( 5* to 14* ), they appear approximately 14 days apart. With some alliances having a longer average, and some alliances having a shorter average

Each spawn is an independent RNG check

High titan score somehow effects this, but Devs will not reveal exactly how

Devs planned reduced loot if less than 14 days since rare loot in another alliance, but Beta testers talked them into 12