Rare titan and titan loot

I’ve been playing this game from just about the beginning being in alliances fighting 11* and all over the place. No matter what place I get especially 1st or top 5 you are rarely rewarded with good loot! It’s sad when you put maximum effort into a titan and constantly players who are ranked in the bottom receiving the loot which isnt fair for effort vs reward! To make rare titans and say they drop ascension items and when you ask who got the item there isnt anyone who got it? I feel in general small giant has to start rewarding the players that put the effort into the game and make the necessary changes to do so! Again I’ve heard all the excuses that loot is random but if you get the highest tier possible and still get nothing while low tier players get these items then there really isnt a reason to keep motivated to play! Anyone feel the same because I know for a fact that alot of top players feel the same! I would like to be rewarded for effort and that’s not asking alot in my opinion!


You have been playing this game since launch and now you are unhappy with the rewards?

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Always been unhappy just didnt say anything til now cause everyone has a breaking point right?

How many maximum level 5 star heroes do you have?

Not enough lol for the time and money I’ve spent

No, like a number. How many do you have?

The lower level players need the items more though. And if you’re top of the leaderboard on titans you get additional rolls for mats.

I’m fine with random loot on titans even though it usually works out poorly. But for rare titans the bonus item should be guaranteed for A/A+ attackers.

Like this one a few days ago:

Only crap unless the bonus roll.
But, I don’t think it’s good to have the bonus or the best loot for the best hitters.
I’m in a little alliance so if you don’t let the other people get some good stuff, your alliance can’t progress enough and in the process you lose too. I’m Ok with this because it appears more fair for this type of alliance imho.

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