Rare Titan 9*

Ten minutes ago I faced a rare red Titan 9*. I had a team of 3.8k three blue heroes a green and Wu Kong. This battle lasted 8 seconds. Dozens of red gems appeared. As you know all of my attacks were reflected. With the first red diamond appeared the second dozen of reds . I didn’t have the time for the second red diamond because I had only two heroes alive. After 5 seconds I saw the defeat sign with the score 2760. After one and a half years playing this game that makes me laugh… The designers should think that some of us are getting bored…

Take a despeller and mana potions…

Why would you use a green hero on a red titan? A rare red 9☆ titan!


Either Dispeller or timestop. What did you expect from attacking a titan with perfect riposte with 3 blues and Wu - to be lucky and miss all attacks?:joy::joy:

bigger question is the 3 red. Fire rare titans reflect any red damage.

Need blue heroes on a rare red titan!

Where are those 3 reds? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welp nevermind. I need to brush up on my reading comprehension skills.


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  1. To do more damage, next time don’t bring a green hero. Put a blue, dark or holy hero in that spot

  2. To survive longer, if you have any compatible heroes that debuff enemy attack or raise your team’s defense, consider bring those + mana potions

  3. Bring Turtle or Dragon banners to use when your hero with a defense buff increase isnt active

  4. Bring Kailani or Gunnar + mana potions to make it much harder to get killed in one or two hits. They don’t have good tile damage but that green hero you brought was only doing half of their tile damage anyway.

  5. Use Timestop to stop the titan’s special from going off and/or a hero like Hel, Proteus, Gretel etc

  6. Use an inferior attack buffer than Wu if you’re worried about his gamble

I think it was Melendor for remove tiger riposte

Thank you all for the so useful informations guys. Believe me I know all those Matters as I’ve been playing this game for almost two years. I was just practicing on that Titan and didn’t give a cent about the score.
The thing is that the game became so predictable in so many sectors. For example who didn’t witness the fact that in a battle with 3 heroes of the same color, the gems are disappeared …??
Even more when raiding, the first battle of revenge is 80 % lost no matter what heroes anybody use. I think after all no one wants to raid or to be raided as the section „raid“ became a forbidden word for the most of us.
Not to mention that every time we download an update we face the next bug…

I conclude that for me after those two years should the designers find a way to wake my Interest about the game. Am I the only or maybe… not?

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