Rare Special Ascension Item

Imagine this. Create a very rare item. An item that could max out a hero with a very rare special ascension. One that could be worth fighting so hard for. It would get everyone chasing that item. I want someone thought on that. It could be a fight for the rarest item that very few can get. I think it worth creating one to see how many would go chasing after it. Maybe call it the holy grail of all ascension.

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  1. Why would people chase after some ascension item that just maxes out a hero? When I can use feeders? Or are you saying it adds a new ascension, like 5/90?
  2. So you’re saying only a couple of people in the entire game can ever get it? How is that fair?

Wouldn’t you like to feed a hero with a holy grail and max out a hero instead of spending a week or two trying to max out one 5* By feeder constantly?

If one was created it would be an extraordinary and extremely rare items.

It would be like a lottery trying to win that one thing to override the feeding to max out a hero

Not really. I mean sure, it’s like a super good trainer, I wouldn’t mind getting one. But I would be much happier getting a 4 star AM mat or gravemaker or ursena, for example. Since super trainer is replacable by normal trainers, 4 star AM mat and top tier heroes are not.

I think people would try hard to get it. No leveling up and feeding a hero. It would be an items that is stronger then a 4* trainer. It would be one an done. That why I said it would be like the holy grail that would max a hero out in a instant instead of feeding n leveling up.

Let’s say it a holy grail ascension item

Feed it to any 5* hero. It would max the hero out 4/80 instantly. No leveling up and feeding hero to max it out. One use and done. The 5* hero is maxed.

Now feeding any 5* hero. You have to recruit and level and it take days sometime weeks just to get the hero to 4/80.

I was with you until you said only few can get…do you know the few that will get them? Or it? Lmao…I’ll say no more. But exciting idea…Maybe tiered so few people in ever stage of the game can access it.

Hey all it’s SKI-SKI.

Who is frustrated and has difficulty leveling up their favorite characters that max level?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were some type of reward or bonus, very rare but obtainable, where it would level up your character immediately?

Sometimes you need a little help??


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You would need an event. One were you would get a number of flags(searches). Fight snakes, spiders and the undead with a % of probability of being able to find scripture/clues to were the grail is hidden. Then after collecting say 5 or so of these you get a room with many cups. Choosing one might cost your hero its life if chosen wrong… lol… Indiana Jones is awesome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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