Rare Quests


Devs, why you change rare quests? He is very bad.

All items are drops from map. Only last item need for 5* hero and dont take from map. But what about 4* hero? How ascend 4* heroes without items? Please, answer me. Yellow and Purple - similar item. Red and Green - similar too.

I need items for ascend purple, green and blue. How i can get this items? I play 5 month, and i take 0 items for ascend blue 4* hero. Impossible. From titan 0 item too, but i kill 6* titan on A or A+ With 60-100k damage all time.

Oh yes, loot are awesome. I see. Before this update loot will be better then now.


Only way is to donate money to the game.


Paying the coin doesnt guarantee ascension mats. The ascension packs are random, and can give 1 and 2 * mats, not the 3 and 4 * mats you are likely to be wanting. Unless of course you have an unlimited budget I guess. Anecdotally I have heard that a player spent 48000 gems on ascension packs and did not get what he was after… I dont mind spending the occasional 1$ or $50 but that is way over the top…


Well, I can’t say it’s easy to get ascension materials, but it has been getting easier. While difficult, it is no longer impossible it seems. Except for the materials to get a 5* from tier 3 to tier 4. The 4* items are still very rare. I’m hoping we start to see them in the rare quests. :smile:

Keep watching your mystic vision (videos), filling the chests for the wanted missions, and getting titan kills. I’m solely a grinder, and I’ve managed to get materials to ascend 4x4* and 1x1* (If I can ever get the green hero I need!!). Grinding does work!

One good tidbit of news is that with update 1.4 there will be “Increased chances to get Epic Ascension Items from the special offers that include them.”


Sorry for my bad English. I am fron Ukraine(((.
I am agree with you words, but i think 3* items for ascend 4* heroes must be more easy to get, then 4* item for 5* hero.


This happened today. :wink:


And this the other day…

From a standard 100 monsters wanted quest… It feels like they have certainly turned the drop rates up a bit. :slight_smile:


You are quite lucky TheChosenOne. I have never, ever received a four star item from the Mystic Vision.


I’ve gotten trap tools from mystic vision. Once.