RARE Quests - Reference Thread


The dates are not updated?


They are updated but we can‘t look into the future🤷‍♂️


Are you only able to view the first page with 2017 dates because it is protected? @Dzosz maybe had this problem?

When I tried to view with google drive it wouldn’t let me see the other pages. I disabled it in my apps and it opened as a webpage instead then I could view everything.


I don’t know early date of event.
If anyone know - please say, I’m add this in spreadsheet


Thank you that was the problem I can see the newest dates up till last one on 8/8/18


Morlovia! Yeah!

20 thingamagicks


Morlovia…. There is something undoubtedly satisfying when the Vampire Lord on the right cackled as he was busy licking his chops when he managed to kill off 2 heroes, sucking their HP in the process to prolong his life, and was looking for his third victim, only to send the Blood Strike right at Cyprian with a 8/8 Perfect Riposte up and killing himself.


All dates I’m fill by Moscow time (GMT+3)