RARE Quests - Reference Thread - Farholme Pass (Compass / Damascus Blade) - 12/08 - 12/09


The dates are not updated?


They are updated but we can‘t look into the future🤷‍♂️


Are you only able to view the first page with 2017 dates because it is protected? @Dzosz maybe had this problem?

When I tried to view with google drive it wouldn’t let me see the other pages. I disabled it in my apps and it opened as a webpage instead then I could view everything.


I don’t know early date of event.
If anyone know - please say, I’m add this in spreadsheet


Thank you that was the problem I can see the newest dates up till last one on 8/8/18


Morlovia! Yeah!

20 thingamagicks


Morlovia…. There is something undoubtedly satisfying when the Vampire Lord on the right cackled as he was busy licking his chops when he managed to kill off 2 heroes, sucking their HP in the process to prolong his life, and was looking for his third victim, only to send the Blood Strike right at Cyprian with a 8/8 Perfect Riposte up and killing himself.


All dates I’m fill by Moscow time (GMT+3)


Interesting looking at the sheet is that we have 2 more to go to mark a full year of tracking thanks @LEN1N78. This by looking at it shows 7 repeats of quests.

7 of each ascension material.

In other words you WILL be able to with a years play level at least 5 x 5* heroes. Rainbow one of each color.

Seeing you get ascension mats from other sources I would recon from own personal experience to cut at least between 4 and 6 months off that timeline.

2 full 5* rainbow teams per year is possible (or more if you take out your wallet), for all the newbies finding themselves within 3 months and not seeing the end … takes time but will come.


Sort of. It takes a new player (f2p, at least) several months to be able to finish the final round in rare quests. For those who spend some, but not a lot, of money, I would say you should be able to max a rainbow team per year, with maybe 1 or 2 extras. But they need to play a lot because they’re going to need a lot more 3 star rare mats than what’s offered in rare quests.


Agree for new player need at least 3000 power to complete the quest. Because they don’t have much choice with heroes selection, not good with using Gems attack, not know how to use the heroes well yet, also the items


Nice Farholme up …


Mount Umber should be up by now but it’s still not up :frowning:


Next one I hope …


My gravemaker is waiting for the last ring.


Maybe with season 2 the epic quest got glitched again I hope not cause they probably won’t see it as a glitch till it doesn’t show for a month


Farholme was 8 days ago. The cycle is around 7-11 days. Calm down a bit :wink:


Same here. One more ring…


Gems II is up. Umber should follow soon.


This pattern seems to be not as reliable, I’m probably wrong, but we’ve seen gems 2 at least once before this iteration. That said, I expect Umber to follow it this time.