RARE Quests - Reference Thread - Check spreadsheet for more details

What a rare quest for september?

please let me know about the rare quest.

The next rare quest should be Shrikewood as we just had Mount Umber

Of course when I actually need my final Tonic it has to take forever for Shrikewood to show up…

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Yep - waiting for a tonic to level Kadilen… it’s been so long

Love your calendars! Would greatly appreciate it if you could keep me posted next time you update one!

Murderous Scoundrels

Great sheet you maintain, like that you’ve recently updated to predict returning HOTM’s for multiple months.

Just a quick note, pretty sure September’s Atlantis heros were Ariel & Mok-Arr, not Ariel & Mistuko

Is it just me or have alot of these awesome spreadsheets (google docs) that players put together and maintained over the years, are now all been abandoned?

Are you wondering about the rare quests in particular? @Novo has been putting together a monthly #calendar that covers the anticipated schedules for these quests, and @Mariamne has put together a guide outlining the loot, bosses, etc. for the quests.


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