RARE Quests - Reference Thread - Check spreadsheet for more details

Hi all!!

Thought I’d share a schedule I made with upcoming rare quest dates (estimated). The exact spawn date/time is random, but it’s about every 10 days and varies +/- 3 days.

For those wondering, the rare quests are Morlovia, Farholme Pass x2, Shiloh Desert, Shrikewood, Mount Umber, and Frostmarch.

Hope this is helpful for planning purposes :slight_smile:



Nice artwork!!

20 characters

We have a Gem II so Morlovia should hopefully follow next :smile:

Really useful… many thanks for pulling this together. It’s much appreciated.

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Here is an updated one for those who are interested :blush:


FYi Mount Umber came in a few days earlier :+1:

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I’ll take earlier everytime thank you very much!

I think its related with updates… everytime an update pops up this happen from what i’ve seem

Yes, as noted, the dates are only estimates. The events spawn randomly and the range is +/- 3 days. Sometimes 4 depending on your time zone!

My two cents is that they didn’t want sand, Atlantis AND mt. Umber all at the same time… But I’ll take early :grin:! My Marjana needs those rings!

I feel like I’m spamming this thread, but here is the updated one for those interested.


Jackpot! Frostmarch! :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face:


Arrived early, too! :grin: what a day!

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Mono 4 the mats…


Love me some rare quests that surprize you.

Is there a calendar showing rare quest dates

I would like to know latest date receiving tomes and tonic for Lianna

Hi, you can check out this amazing calendar posted every month in the forums… It gives the exact dates for all event and trials, and some tentative dates for the rare quests because they don’t follow a fixed gap. :slight_smile:

PS: The next rare quests are Farholme Pass (compass and damascus blades) and Mount Umber (hidden blade and mystic rings)


Is it possible to get rare quest calendar. Or any other way to find out when they are occurring in advance

There is a whole bunch of useful stuff on there

Rare quests appear randomly, about +/- 3 days to predicted date.

Also devs mentioned they have plans for some official events calendar.


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