RARE Quests - Reference Thread - Check spreadsheet for more details

folks, Mai’s data sheets haven’t been updated in a very long time. They are “take with a grain of salt” at this point.


You will actually see some variation in the spawn difficulty; it changed awfully often back in the day and I believe it is somewhat random rather than fixed.

Could be mistaken it isn’t something I’ve tracked at all lately.


I was revisiting this thread and noticed a discrepancy (I could be wrong) in your first post. 4th Farholme down (after Morlovia) you list it as:

Morlovia [Trap Tools and Royal Tabbard]
Farholme Pass [Fine Gloves and Tome of Tactics]

The pattern (except this one) seems to suggest Morlovia is proceeded with the Farholme that gives Compass and Damascus Blade.

Notice we have Gems II quest now? I wonder if this is the one to presage the Rare Quest or if we won’t see it for another 3 days (according to the 10 day theory).

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Mmm wondered myself we will soon find out.

If there is a descrepency … sorry … was copy and paste from an existing list … can be wrong.

Just for some dates here are the dates of the rare quests. Note these are the days I got the loot (that’s what I track), so the quest drop date might be the day before on some of them if they hit at night. Note the regular 10 day schedule. So we’re looking at 3 rare quests a month, barring any weird date anomalies (like march where one dropped on 3/1 and ended with 3/31).


I’ll keep this post updated throughout the year. If anyone has the dates from January and February, please post and I’ll update this post with all of that as well.



Thanks Dante, I also only recently started thinking about these things would be sweet to have a year track

Edited with data from LEN1N78 from 7D Condemned.

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If pattern holds true, the next two quests will see me taking Delilah to lvl70 and Sartana to lvl80…AND that is a GOOD thing :heart_eyes::metal:

Well it’s only 10d in March, the rest was basically the pattern we were used to previously.

Admittedly 1.10 dropped 2/20/2018 but that doesn’t quite work for the one February date.

Could be coincidence… I certainly hope it is otherwise it’s a nerf.

Shiloh Desert quest popped up today, I’d consider that only 7 days. Hmm so maybe the last 3 were 10 days apart only by chance.

Morlovia today, 9 days later.

@Dante2377 you have the updated one?

Farholm with compass and DBlade hitting now?

I’ve updated spreadsheet.
Quest calendar


So these pop up once a week?

Every week or so. There seems to be some RNG involved, and they can’t happen immediately before or during a monthly challenge event.

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In different ways, in December there were 6 quests

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SG realized that there was a bug introduced with a previous update which dramatically reduced the likelihood of a rare event showing up, so they fixed it and temporarily tripled the likelihood. That’s why we had so many in December.

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Mount Umber with HB and MR 02/05/2018

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I’ve updated my spreadsheet. Link find higher.

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