Rare quests not for holy or dark heroes?


Hi guys,

The only rare quests i have seen in thiss game give you a chance to get ascension material for red blue and green heroes. What about holy and dark? How are we supposed to gain those items if we wait for rare wanted missions we will be waiting a lifetime…


The devs have said there are plans to introduce them. But it is somewhat silly that this is a third Frost March we’ve seen. I’m glad for the extra stopwatch and 4* book though.


I do appreciate the few and far between ascension materials they give, but they are repetitive twice over. I have been unable to ascend a blue hero - honestly can’t remember his name - because I have not gotten one of those fur-lined cloaks since ever, and he needs FOUR of them. (Don’t even start me on the four shields needed for the green hero I have.)

If you’re going to do frostmarch after frostmarch at least switch up the rare items available to win. This game…


River Song, as Penari mentioned, there are a variety of rewards coming for the rare quests. This change will most likely come with the next update!


One of the things that stinks though is that with Frost March, only one item was ice specific, and they gave no warm capes… so they’re kind of pointless when 8 of the 10 things are farmable from provinces. They’re not so special after all, they just happen to help a certain group of people, and don’t fill the need they’re supposed to.


Copper, I don’t see any post where the devs are commenting future changes or fixes. Is there such a post? Or are those info from personal messages and conversations with devs?


@Mai the news was passed onto several players and we were told we could pass along the information in the public Forums.