Rare quests - frequency - No Change. Just a Coronavirus gift from SGG

Has the frequency of rare quests changed? I know that the Siloh Desert was brought earlier due to the corona virus but Morlovia was enabled only 5 days after. That makes an average of one quest per 4,5 days.

Shiloh wasn’t brought forward, it was a bonus. It is still around 10 days between rare quests


What he says ^

This had a precedence before, where in light of some connection issues, they gave us a bonus Shrikewood. The interval between the quest before it and the quest after it was regular, it being “rushed” did not affect the rest of the schedule at all.

I have seen many people raising their hopes up, preparing calendars which suggest we may be getting a full scope of 4* mats during a single month. Well, I’d suggest not getting to attached to these.

The bonus Shrikewood (and WE flask) was a nice gesture in light of the situation. As things continue to intensify, we’ll have to see if SGG will continue to be generous - incidentally keeping people playing in their increased free time.

Personally, I tend to not like casual games that limit how much you can play through some kind of energy limit, but I make an exception for E&P (if you can even call E&P “casual”). But the hard reality is, if people have too much free time on their hands and run out of things to do in E&P, they’ll turn to other games (or perhaps PornHub - only for the educational aspects, of course).


Personally, what I hate the most about this community is, that every act of good will/generosity from SG immediately starts countless “we deserve compensation” threads all over the place for whatever excuses players may have. Which is why I think they limited the compensation/free gifts to real minimum and barely communicate about it.


Yeah, the constant whining by a certain subset of the forum community can be tiring.

I just wanted to point out that adding goodies to keep quarantined people entertained, lest they abandon E&P for perceived greener pastures, was not a purely altruistic act on the part of SGG/Zgyna.

They know which side their bread is buttered on.


Yup, it was kind of forced/suggested by the players, but they seem to gladly used it for good PR.

As above. No change in schedule. Was just a gift from SGG

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