Rare quest replay – allow playing each Rare Quest multiple times to get repeated ascension materials as many times as you want

I have a suggestion regarding rare quests that feature ascention materials 3 star and 4 star.
My suggestion is that after completing all the quest levels the first timethe quest restarts and we can play again.
The quest lasts the same time as is now, but is repayable.
This way players can get ascention items more easily and level up and ascend the heroes faster.
Also benefit for You is that probbably more gems would be spent on purchasing world energy flasks.
Thank You for your time.
MRVA (aliance Hrvati)

bok. primate li člana u alliance? trenutno sam u alliancu gdje su biliNIx, Sharky i Lacosta. gamename je isto kao i ovdje.

It would also mean that everyone that can clear it would get unlimited ascension materials haha!

As much as I would love more ascension materials, I think this is a bit of a dream.

But perhaps it could be reset, and replayable once for say 100-200 gems? That amount of gems is fairly easy to attain even for complete F2P players.


What is so bad about this?

Also a good idea, because, in my opinion most players lack one or two items. so this also would be helpfull.

One replay would be cool.

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I would limit the number of resets, but I would definitely most of those levels a second time if I could.

Unlimited ascension (3*/4*) is probably not a good idea since it will potentially make the game unbalanced

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Or they could do it like season 2 stages. I do not want to say what they do for those that are not there yet, though they could do that easily.

Could also think about replays at a higher cost AND higher difficulty. Let’s face it, the limits set long ago are able to be autoplayed by some at this stage, so it’s already basically a free 4* item.

Like why is it still 3k at the top when we see 4k in emblem challenges and the late stages of the seasonal events?

Harder stage yes, similar to Atlantis, as sleeperZ96BT suggested, but not more expensive (more gems), The goal of my proposal is to allow players that do not spend heaps of money to get ascend items more easily

P2p player have enough. Open this up and it’s going to be flasks and buy refills all day long

I agree, but this is to help little player f2p. P2p player will always have more.

1 replay but not for gems, instead the WE needed would increase by 25% or 50% or something… ?

Also a very good suggesrion in my opinion. And SG also gets gems and money income if someone wants to buy a refil.

Or maybe introduce an item similar to reset emblems, except it resets quests

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This is a good idea as well

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