Rare Quest Question


So is it just me or maybe I am just unlucky? I have done rare quests on 3 occassions and i whip through the first 4 levels with little to no problem. Then the “very hard” level comes around and i havent even made it past the first stage. Do i neeed to just use revive scrolls and/or pay 75 gems to keep going? Or i need to make a bunch of offensive potions/ scrolls or what not? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is what my team looks like:


No I don’t think that is the issue you don’t seem to a powerful enough team that stage is rated for someone with 3000 and above I am 3155 and only make it to the boss battle and die 50% of the time.


Not bad luck, it’s just that you really need to level your heroes, you’re currently about 600 points lower than the recommended power level.

I found that for the first four levels the power level was an overestimate, but it’s about bang on for the 5th (3000, I think it was 2700 pre-1.4). That meant I had the same thing as you when I was weaker, I’d roll through the first four and then get smashed hard on the last.

If you want to go down the items route, then I’d recommend Turtle Banners and Bombs. I started out using one at the start of each round, but that’s diminishing now as I get better heroes. My current lineup is Leonidas, Boldtusk, Kiril, Tyrum and Berden, so by the time you’ve levelled yours properly it shouldn’t be a problem.


I have a 3136 team, but all damage dealers, I swap in two healers and do ok through the minions, but the bosses kick my butt on the last stage. You’re not alone in this.


Oh, i figured that the quests were tailored to each individual players level. Seems kind of stupid then to even offer the quest to players with power levels way below what is necessary. It would make more sense to tailor the difficulty level to the individual player and then just scale the “loot” based upon difficulty. Also i didnt know that you could get a power/level of difficulty amount prior to playing a quest or map battle. I may have to look closer i guess. Is it on the main battle screen somewhere?


I would have to disagree that it’s stupid, after all a similar thing happens in story mode where you’ll eventually find a mission that you’re too weak to beat, just because you can fail if you attempt it doesn’t make it stupid. Same deal with the quests, and being able to see them (and the loot you’ll get) also provides an incentive to get better.

The recommended power level is shown on the screen showing your progress in the quest. The number next to the sword, between the world energy requirements and the prizes.


For quests only, there’s a sword icon above the bar, and the number next to it is the recommend power level for your team.

Typically though, they offer items you won’t need for a LONG time because if you’re not strong enough to beat the quest, you’re not going to need to the item yet. I don’t agree with the dev’s thinking about this, because it makes you wait till you need the items before you can start getting them, instead of being able to save up while you’re playing and be ready to ascend once you get there.


I can’t do Very Hard yet (barely scratched through Hard):

I find the little sword/amount thingee helpful. Pity though…I need those gloves!!


Well thats not right so the rest of us hsve no chance to get those accention item that we so desperately need


I’m pretty sure you can also get them from Wanted Missions and Titan Battles:


Rook, my team was around 3050 when I did it. I swapped out my Marjana and Lianna for BoldTusk and Gandalf (who weren’t leveled up to catch them yet) to have extra heals. I still got my butt handed to me at the bosses, and I had to use crystals TWICE to beat them.

Right now, my main team is about 3160. But basically, save up axes / arrows, get all your specials up before the boss, down the last guy, and unload everyone on one boss. Even over 3k, it was barely possible for me.


Double Post, apologies. @Blitz my team for reference, and I still struggled.

Team for the quest.

Main team.


Try only going into those quests with one healer, Vivica typically. Put in another strong striker.
Look at the color of the quest also…then take in the color of the heros that will have strongest affect. Ie. purple quests, take two strong yellows etc.
also before you get to the boss stage, try to have all your heros mana at full and unleash when you get to the bosses.
You can always take healing potions into the fight, along with banners, bombs , axes and revives( obviously take what you have available)