🧭 Rare Quest - Mount Umber (Hidden Blade/Mystic Ring) [Master] - Latest 6/15/2020

Dunno…I can autoplay almost all rare quests with Kiril, Wilbur, Wu Kong, QoH and Agwe, sometimes I do it…

My alt with Boldie, Grimm, Ameonna, Chao and Scarlett (all not maxed) also had no problems at all this time, there’s still no 5*, but why not collect the mats before :smiley:

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With these, I was able to fight and complete the last level. Was a little tough as Danza was busy doing other tricks except the swords which I needed for him to strike. His mana increase helped me throw more :fire: from Kelile and Agwe’s Rogue wave was helpful too. I used 3 arrows, all 20 minor healing potions, 10 minor Mana healing potions especially for Richard and 7 healing potions.

Somehow, I still feel I have a very poor army because their attacks are still poor.

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with gunnar+6, belith+7, valen+9,belith +1 and triton+9 was pretty easy. used some minor pots, an axe and just two arrows. i agree with this rare quest being easier than others. cheers and get them!

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Hehe I think I’ve taken my mouth a bit too full :smiley: tried it with Shrikewood, the mobs were no prob on autoplay, but the bosses…cost me 75 gems, lol. Okay, to be a bit mor precise then: I can autoplay all stages until the boss wave of the last stage (memo to myself).

First time I beat rare quest Mount Umber

After 3 month of playing I got a team that beats the rare quest Mount Umber. I got Wilbur from the last AR and at 3/60 he is ready for the quest. It was quite easy to beat the bosses in the final stage. I use Wilbur for the last two stages with the ascension mats because the enemy hits quite hard with the slash attack.

Rigard → team attack up
Wilbur → enemy defense down and team defense up
Proteus → mana stop and poison

Fire that blue diamond and it’s game over for the bosses. Proteus was only used once but he was my assurance just in case. I didn’t need the battle items except for two mana pots.
With this team any rare quest is a breeze. Just replace the heroes for strong color against the bosses.

note: I should have used Agwe instead of Mireweave. Then my team has 3 heroes of the Lagoon Family and has an extra 10% attack.


Congrats! That first one feels good, doesn’t it? Nice job constructing a team for the task, btw.

A complete overhaul of my team. Less defense but buttload more firepower. It works even better than my previous team ( two posts above ). Be sure make a blue diamond in the stage before the bosses. Bye bye Proteus and Wilbur.

I went 3-2 for Mount Umber. Takes way too long if I do mono, and usually when I do mono on the rare quests when I get to the bosses it gives me 0 of the colour I am in need of.

Jott / cRigard / Grimm / Tiburtus / Miki

Simple and of course no items needed :smiley: