Rare Quest Appearance and Boss Avatar in Store

I tried searching, but could not find anything…

Is there any link between the appearance of rare quests and the avatars available for purchase? I noticed earlier today that the Tyrant Triffid was one of the avatars you could buy and then Shrikewood appeared today.

Given the Tyrant Triffid is the boss for Shrikewood, is this just a coincidence or part of a pattern?

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Good question!

I don’t recall seeing someone mention it before, so I guess we can just see which Avatars are up over the next 10 days or so leading to Frostmarch.


It’ll be interesting to see about 8-12 days from now. It could be a nice little advanced notice so you hit the start of the quest at max energy!


So Frostmarch popped today without the boss’ avatar showing up for sale. Guess it was just a coincidence last time…

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